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Gigs on last page from first page

Hi Everyone!!!…

My Fiverr gigs are moved to the last page for about two months now with no offense. My gigs are not moving back even after getting series of Positive reviews, New gigs created too are automatically jumping to the last page. As I read most of the sellers on Fiverr are facing this same problem.

Please let me know if anyone’s problem is solved? If yes, what’s the clue/ how is it solve?
I’m a level 1 seller, and I’ve always maintained 5 star ratings, everything is 100%.

If anyone has the best solution, Please kindly share…


There is nothing to solve, because nothing is broken. Fiverr does not guarantee any specific placement in the search results. Location varies from day to day. This is how the system is designed to operate. Gigs move around based upon a wide variety of factors – most of which we have no knowledge.

If you want more sales, perhaps now is a good time to take responsibility for your own success (instead of expecting Fiverr to provide if for you), and reach out to your target customers. Show them what you can do to solve their needs, and encourage them to hire you.


Hi @jonbaas Thank you for this update… I’ll say this is really helpful, I’ll prepare my mind to start promoting my service on various social media, I believe that’ll help me boost and make more sales…

Thank you again!!!

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