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Gigs paid to install website, after paying he deletes my website


helli i paid 5 gigs to install a website for som details i would have to pay 5 more.
But he did not do the details . Now he deleted my whole website.
can fiverr help me?


That’s terrible. Let me offer a word of advice. Whenever someone, Fiverr or anywhere else, builds you a website, ask for total control of your website and then change the password immediately. I have been designing websites for 16 years and I encourage my clients to do this after the project is completed. It is the right thing to do.

Sorry you are going through this. I am sure it is stressful.



Yeah that’s just so terrible and underhanded, as OBG advised contact customer support for this.


wow, im sorry to hear that. I hope you can clear things up.


That’s terrible. Hope you had a backup somewhere…

Here are my suggestions on how to handle:

  • Immediately change all your passwords related to your site.
  • Contact Fiverr Support and report the seller.
  • Contact your hosting site’s Support team; advise them that your account has been compromised. Perhaps they may be able to retrieve your site.

    In future, never give access to a Live version of your site. You should either create a test copy where the seller can work. Or, send them the web files and let them return to you when they’re done.

    I have a web design gig and I always give my buyers the option of giving access or sending web files…