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Gigs Paused for Mandatory Tax Question?

Hello! I just noticed that on my profile there is a notification saying


I click on it and it asks me if I am a U.S. person, which I’m not and in fact I have already selected the NO, but I can’t save it. What shold I do???


It’s a bug, so your gigs are actually fine (and active).

Can you move your topic to Report a Bug category, please? If enough people post in it, staff might do something about it, but it needs to be in the proper category.


Thanks for moving the topic, @lloydsolutions!

I see the same bug, both on my profile and on Gigs page. And I did answer the mandatory question (and got an email confirmation that I did it).


I am facing same issue

I am also facing the same issue. Even I select No option. But still seeing this “All your Gigs are currently paused until you answer a mandatory tax question” message on my profile page.

Same stuff and my gig doesn’t appear in search result now.


Same at here…hope will be fix soon :frowning:

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Yes. I am facing same issue

It is happening to me too, but I’m not a US person.

It’s a bug. It popped up for me too yesterday, but it would disappear within a second. Now it doesn’t show up anymore.

It’s for everybody and it was for that “are you a US citizen or no” tax thing, you should’ve checked that box almost a month ago or so if you can’t remember.

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did someone try form W9, i had answer that question and hence saw nothing like that.

I checked the W-9 Form months ago and I stated that I’m not a U.S. person.
But yeah, you are right: it’s a bug.
I was following @catwriter advice and posted a reply to bring this topic to the staff’s attention.


I am facing the same issue, I am not from US. My gigs still active tho.

All right, @sathi_cc found a solution, it’s up to you whether you want to use it (it might not be suitable for everyone).

Here it is: the annoying notification disappears once you no longer have paused gigs.

For him, activating the paused gig worked. Me, I’ve activated one, and deleted the remaining two paused gigs. And it worked. The notification disappeared.

Many thanks to @sathi_cc!


Same issue here. I’m not sure if my GIGs are active or not since I still see the same error message…

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Im facing the same issue and my impressions suddely dropped from 2k to 0, but when i check my gig it says its active, but when i try to find it in search…it appears on the last page!

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It worked to me, too.
Thanks a lot!

Your gigs are active.

Tip: Search for your gigs using your username first before panicking.

I am also facing the same issue.

its funny how i get this pop up message on top of my paused gigs, i think this is a bug but i’m not sure