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Gigs Paused for Mandatory Tax Question?

Thank you. I’m not panicking. I was just sharing the fact that I didn’t know about it.

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I’m facing the same issue. Two times already in last two weeks. I have NO selected but still appearing…

Omg man, same is happening to me! I made a post about that on this forum. I’ve been talking with support and they won’t help. I’m a level 2 seller, 5 star rating, Fiverr’s choice, 60k impressions and suddenly 400 impressions on last 7 days, no new messages, etc… and I’m getting this error here. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


I’ve filled the form a few weeks ago, and I’m getting the same message in my profile, but my gigs don’t appear to be in the paused category. Since I have nothing paused, I cannot get rid of the message.

I’m having the same problem. My gig is paused too. How long is it going to take to be fixed…:pleading_face:

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Guys Relax, It’s a bug. I’ve contacted Fiverr Support Team today and they replied:

Please don’t submit new tickets because they’re already very busy & yes if you have any other issues then you can open a ticket here:

But if it’s Tax related or Gig paused issue then I’ve already provided a reply from their side.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a workaround, anyway, not a solution. You can just ignore it because it doesn’t really do anything; or, if it really bothers you, you can try pausing and unpausing one of your gigs. Perhaps that will work, though I don’t know what would happen to that gig in search if you do that.

any updates? im still seeing no update in my situation!
what about you? did you find any solution?

Same problem here…Anyone have a solution ?

Hopefully this problem will be solved very soon

Same issue, I am a US Citizen, I did fill out the form, I did clean cache and cookies and reboot, and it is still showing up. All of this due to my accidentally clicking on pause gig instead of edit gig. UGH. Looks like i am a month late to the party. Has anyone been given a fix? Id sure love to know what it is. Thanks!

This did not work for me. Have they given you any further solutions?

i am facing the same issue

please tell me how active gig?

this is a “bug” in their UI that isn’t supposed to affect the actual gig workflow, but has been there for a year?