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Gig's portfolio image is not showing after completion of order

Hi dear all,
I have attached my portfolio image during the period of order delivery to my client. But after the acceptance of the order by the client, my portfolio image is not showing in my logo gig. My client gives me
5-star rating with a good review but my work image is not showing in my gig. I feel really bad for this reason.
Can anyone tell me what is the reason? Why my work is no showing in my gig portfolio?


It’s up to the buyer whether or not they are happy with an image being displayed with their review. There’s a button they can use to turn off that display.

Not to worry - you still got the review, so the image doesn’t really matter. I have lots of reviews with no image.


Thanks for your reply.

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This depend on the buyer interest, whether they want to show or not.

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in one word . its not in your Control
Feedback Issue, You got it the point on comment section.

Thanx a lot.
I am so much pleased for your Response

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