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Gigs Portfolio not showing

Hi Everyone :innocent:

Well, this is my first ever post on Fiverr forum and I don’t know much about it.
But my Topic of discussion is that. When I’m delivery my order and the buyer has to mark as complete and as a seller, I have an option to choose as well for my portfolio. But unfortunately, it’s not appearing on my gigs. I just got the reviews only not showing mine select designs as my portfolio. Although as a seller I have made lots of struggles to just got 5 stars and good reviews about my services. But this is seriously annoying for me after lots of effort will not appear on my profile.

Regards: Lily Designs

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Buyers don’t have to allow their work to be shown in your portfolio - they have to tick a box to say they don’t mind.

For privacy, or some other reason, your buyers are choosing not to do that - nothing you can do I’m afraid. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, Thanks or this!

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