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Gigs position changing suddenly (case study)


To be honest with you the gig positions issue became a trend lately and everyone is complaining about that, but if you look closer many of who does (including me) have a “no level seller” to me that’s the main reason behind our gigs drop, probably after the updates that came in january gigs with poor delivery time/cancellations and low ratings lost their positions in first page, after noticing that and looking closer sellers who are in the front, the sellers that are holding the first pages are either level 2/TRS and level 1, with a few new sellers to have small boost, so what’s the common factor between all these sellers ? They have GREEN STATS, great reviews (I think that what define positions in the first place at the moment is the amount of sales they make and how high are their stats, that’s why they compete each others, moving to second pages you’ll see level 1 sellers (mostly), page 3 (no level sellers who should be a level 2 or at least level 1 (I should be a level 2 with 436 reviews) and I’m a no level seller due to my poor delivery, we have to admit that fiverr wouldn’t want to put gigs with a high cancellations ratios, low rated, poor delivery and less making sales GIGS, also after studying this case taking closer looks to sellers who complained about holding a level 2 seller badge and having their gigs moving to last pages have lost their level 2 badges and got demoted, so before complaining about our gigs being at the bottom of the bottle we should check if we’re performing any good, my delivery ratio have been pretty much low over the past year so I should not complain unless I get to level 2 and have my gigs doing better than others and still at the bottom, feel free to let me know that your stats are all above 95% with no negative reviews/ cancellations over the past 60days!