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Gig's price lower than before

Hi, I just noticed something on my gig. The prices are a little lower than before, for instance the price of the Basic package was €4.41, now it is €4.38. Does anybody know why? Also, can prices get even lower than that?

It depends whether the exchange rate falls or goes higher. The prices are always the same (as what the seller entered) in US dollars.


Thanks for your answer!

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@uk1000 has given you the answer. But for a bit of context, all financial transactions on Fiverr are in US dollars.

When a buyer pays their money to Fiverr to purchase your gig, and as a seller when you withdraw your earnings from Fiverr - everything is conducted in US dollars. To be clear on this last point, when your money leaves Fiverr it leaves in US dollars, however PayPal, your bank, etc will apply their own exchange rate and possibly transfer fee if applicable.

However, you can opt to display financial amounts in your local currency (which I guess is what you’ve done) - but as @uk1000 has rightly said, the figure you see is dependent on the current exchange rate, and is therefore variable.


Also there’s a help page about currency here: