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Gigs pricing and about skills

Guys i am here to say you all that you are working almost free here specially those who are working on just 5$ kindly respect your skill and set your minimum price 30$ because on 5$ buyer comes ask you for unlimited revisions then they cancel orders scaming and you are making it easy for them high your aim and get price high then only serious person will contect you.
kindly you need to give respect your skills
give suggestions as well?


I agree with your general principle that $5 gigs attract scammers and bad buyers.

However, it’s way too simplistic to say set a minimum price of $30. What does that $30 represent in terms of time, skills, experience, qualifications, specialist software, etc?

You need to be able to quantify it.

For example, some skills are more in demand than others and should therefore attract a premium, some gigs require expensive software that should be factored into the gig price, one seller might offer X amount as part of their gig while another person might offer Y amount for the same price. There are many, many variables.

As a proofreader, my basic gig price is $10. However, my average sale price over the past year or so is about $35 as the average buyer will purchase 3 or 4 gigs to cover their requirements.

It’s not so much the price (although I agree that $5 gigs are bad news), it’s how long it takes to earn that $30 you talk about it and what costs you incur along the way.


i am saying that you will start from $30
i am saying that your minimum price will be $30 and above and i am also saying that respect your skills

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Honestly I had $20 scammers more than $5 scammers. But I guess it depends.


its surely depends you need to show that you are not wasting time here give work and get reward at least your work is not free

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Value your worth. Know your worth. Adjust your prices due to the demand of your services. You need to be able to show potential buyers that your prices reflect your end result.

I raise my prices every July mainly because I continue to get orders, I receive honest feedback, and the ratings I produce reflect my work.


I think for New-sellers 5$ strategy works best!!

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yeah i am really saying that if you have awesome skills why you will work on cheap rates

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but nowadays there is lot of sellers on $5 and also 5star ratings sellerr are on $5 this produce scammers and bad buyera

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Not necessarily, if a new seller has a previous portfolio of work they can display on their gig images/videos and that said work is outstanding, they should charge a higher reasonable rate for their efforts.


Yeah i get it what your trying to convey and it is also beneficial to us and we get enough motivation to work harder if we bit bit higher rate than 5$


i am saying that go for higher prices you are not understanding my words i am not saying to just start from$30 you will go higher as your skills are

yeah actually i am saying that to All fiver sellers

I understand but my comment was directed towards @shivathmaj1 not you.

That’s why fiverr add 3 Packages Prices, you know that let the price talk itself, i think there is nothing wrong with $5 sellers, maybe it’s just their strategy.

There is also top rated seller that still in $5, but they add 3 packages, once again, let the price talk itself. It doesn’t mean your skill is so bad when you put $5 on your gig.

i am saying that give respect your skills if you have good skills go with good prices because $5 is not enough you have to spend all time there to get buyers

dude, “Let The Price talk Itself”, if you pay $5 for a logo design, you will get $5 quality, as simple as that!

Honestly, that does make sense to raise your prices when you’re doing a really good job at what you’re doing. Good ratings and more gigs = more money.

but $5 paying buyers are fake just getting idea of logo from seller and then they cancel the order

yeah sure if your skills are good earn good money with them

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