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Gigs promotions outside the 5r

How you promote gigs outside the 5r? I am not getting orders even sharing on fb … Share your experiences… guide me thank you…

There’s a forum member on here who likes to recommend that people search out their own markets instead of sharing randomly to people who might not need their services. He tells people that researching your target audience is essential.

Just a wise thought from some other wise person, though; personally, I’ve never marketed my own gigs. Then again, I’m only a casual Fiverrer :stuck_out_tongue:


hahah… My gig is about writing … where I can find target market?

Well, who needs writing services? Who needs the writing services that YOU offer?

Those people are your target market.


Imagine a typical customer. What does he expect from a seller? What are the things that draw his attention to you? On which forum is he active? What does he worry about, and how can you take these worries away? What is his age? If you were your typical customer, what would you do to find your seller of choice?

By reflecting these questions, you may get an idea how to reach your target audience outside Fiverr.

However, doing effective PR outside Fiverr right away requires you to already have an email list or facebook group of your target audience. Else, you will most likely end up with buying Google, Facebook or Youtube Ads.

If you are not in a hurry, you could start building a social community targeted to your potential buyers.

You could also actively participate in a forum by sharing your knowledge. Provide a link to your Gig at your signature, for example. Stay away from telling people to order your services. If you solve a potential buyers problem for free, it’s likely he hires you someday.

All the best,


I am not a job holder… I am working from home. in this situation who I can get target customers? I means I needs to know the platform to advertise my gigs like 5vr expect Fb… I am not getting any order… although I have good reviews … I am dropped from level one due to lack of sales.

I worked almost 5 years free of cost in Pakistan… about CV writing and others writing related work but here is no trend of buying CV on a fee.
Can you please share Fb groups or other platform… from where I can get orders? I am working from home. I am a student. Thank you

Like I already said:

Answer those questions, and you’ll have the information you need to know where to market, and to know who to market to.

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Hey, that’s the whole point of what I told you. You can’t ask others, you have to do your own research.

is your impression rate okay?

Don’t know, I don’t check. I’m getting orders, though, so it doesn’t matter.

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wish you a very good luck with your progress.

No, not at that much

Thank you… guide me to advertise my gigs.

Taking tips or advice from others are not bad option.

The problem is that other people don’t work in your niche, don’t live in your country, don’t share your demographics or target audience. So whatever information they can share with you has a limited applicability.

I’m not saying advice is bad, I’m just saying at the end of the day you still have to come up with your own game plan for how to do things.

Hmmm… Right… Thank you

Thanks for your positive thinking.

Google is your friend as always

We are here to help each other, but not too do each other’s work.

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Really, it’s good advice!

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