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Gigs Purchased, Not Started in Months


I have four clients that purchased one of my gigs between June 2018 and January 2019 and despite multiple messages, they never submitted the order requirements so the clock never started. Most of them haven’t been seen on the site since they placed the order according to the messaging system.

The only reasons I care are that is 1) it getting annoying having these jobs sitting on the dashboard knowing these people are not going to reply, 2) they are all the same gig which makes it looks like I have a longer “to do” list, which might deter some customers, and 3) if I cancel them, it will count against my metrics, which stinks.

Does anyone else have this issue? Do you just leave them there?



Hasn’t happened to me personally, but I’ve seen other sellers around here mention the same thing.

They just leave the orders there - nothing you can do about it without hurting your stats, unfortunately.

There was a time recently when fiverr added a line to their TOS that all incomplete orders can be cancelled after 7 days without affecting stats. That’s when I got rid of aaaallll my incomplete orders for this years on fiverr. However I’m not sure if they still kept that policy or removed it already. You can check fiverr tos to see if that’s still there.

Edit: just to add that it didn’t affect my statistics to cancelling them at that time.


I have 40 incomplete orders in my queue lol.

Incomplete orders don’t stack in your queue listing on your gig, just so you know.

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I have around 50 incomplete orders gathered in 6 years… most of them are from the time I was offering 5$ gigs and I contacted support about it … Initially they thought that it won’t affect my completion rate and we agreed that we can cancel 3 of them just in case… to see if my completion rate drops or not… unfortunately after the 3 orders got cancelled my completion rate dropped with 1% … so we stopped and decided that it’s best to leave them there…


Thanks everyone! Now I don’t feel so bad about have 4 sitting there. :grinning:

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I have a few orders as well going back YEARS - I do NOT dare cancel them, as I am 99.9999% sure it would mess with my cancellation rate!


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