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Gig's Ranking Dropping Rapidly!

Yes, I am now noticing a rise in my gig:)
Maybe fiverr intentionally pushes gig down for some time.

Yes that might be the case I am noticing a rise in my gig again :slight_smile:
Hope so the I initial changes that I made will make my gig even better :blush:

I haven’t canceled an order but I deff have a negative review recently (he was a new seller).
That might be a reason probably. But for now, I am noticing a rise in my gig ranking :slight_smile:
Let’s hope so it keeps on improving :blush:
Thanks, Hardeep

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I am really sorry. I think you took it the wrong way :slight_smile:
I was just asking for help. If you don’t want to that’s totally fine.

Thanks so much for the info :blush:

  • Does not do art
  • Follows template every time, nearly identical
  • Tries to sell gig I could do in PowerPoint in under a minute

Kinda seems like your gig is not selling because anyone can do it. Come up with something unique and niche.


Thanks so much man, I really love your work :heart: :fire:

i will implement each and every point you mentioned and will ramp-up my gig from now


Update your profile and gig daily.

That might not be enough, I will improve it thrice a day

Well, if you do this, expect your Gig to be taken out of the rotation - there is NO need to update your profile and Gig DAILY or three times a day. Do that and you can be sure your Gig will be in some black hole on this site.

More blind leading the blind here.


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Actually, Ayush in this comment was trying to make a joke of the part where I improved my gig and ruined my gig performance.

I just jokingly said that I will do it thrice instead of once.

If I am being serious, I will not change the gig for the next 6-month at least :blush:

Btw thanks for your genuine advice and have a great day :slight_smile: :v: