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Gigs Ranking in 2021

Hey guys!
What are the best ways to rank gigs in 2021?
How can I write seo optimize description for gig ranking?
How to use keywords in description properly?


1.Use kw, LSI in your url
2. using main kw in your title ,
3. Main kw 2 time and other LSI use 1time in your gig description and write unique gig description.
4.use tag in your service related queries
5. provide FAQ and using kw
6.upload 3 image and 1PDF don’t forget to do image SEO
You can follow these steps


Use kw, LSI in your url = how to do it ?
can you give me an example please ?

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Most Informative. Thanks for sharing.

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what is LSI? can you explain?

If you newbie in Fiverr, then you follow these steps for ranking your gig:

Step 1: Choose Low competition keywords (that’s means how many services available in these keywords)

Step 2: Use your master keyword in your Title and relevance keyword (Must be 50 words/characters)

Step 3: When you writing a Description Must be the first paragraph 2 times impute your Master Keywords, and the description overall uses your keyword 5 times and relevant keywords 3-4 times.

Step 4: Use 5 tag in your service-related keywords (This Tage Should be 2 Words: example- Logo Design, minimal Logo, custom logo, etc)

Step 5: Scope & Pricing- Basic price starts at $5 start because your gig clickthrough rate increase.

steps 6: Your gig Image Optimize (Gig image properties and input your keywords and title)

Steps 7: Add 5 FAQ and including your gig, relevant keyword, not use the main keyword because if you use more than time main keywords it’s violent Fiverr terms and condition, so be careful…

steps 8: ADD gallery PDF you gig related word portfolio.

I hop if you follow this steps then you will increase your ranking in fiverr.


You want to SEO optimize description and SEO on your Gig image.

What is LSI ?? please explain it.

Please have search those thing you have said but I don’t get it can you please explain

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