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Gigs ranking issue,

hii, Fiverr community,
I’m experiencing from a week ago that my all gig deranked, not showing impression and a single click even and also not appearing up to 10-15 pages even. Even though my one of the gig was on the first page and even it was on the first row…
can anyone tell me the reason behind it. Although I’m a level one seller.
another problem is, my rating showing 5 stars in the analytics bar, and in preview public mode it’s 4.8??


These articles may help you .

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thanks for the help!but can you specifically elaborate me,i havent done any wrong or not cross the fiverr policies…then why this happened?hope that you can understand the concern!

All your gigs appear to be active and nothing appears to be wrong. It just seems to be Fiverr algorithm churn. Which is annoying, but not fatal. You’ve a fair amount of orders under your belt, so returning buyers will keep you going through the slump.

Frank’s articles may be useful to put it all into perspective:

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