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Gigs removed for breaking Terms of Service

Super quick backstory; I’ve been with Fiverr since 2011, selling for the last couple of years in the Forex category as a Level 2 seller, about to hit the earnings requirement for Top Rated.

I’ve qualified for Promoted Gigs, Early Payout and Cash Advance and have only had a couple of cancelled orders in a few hundred sales.

It’s very much a side hustle to break up the day, make a couple of sales a day and connect with some fantastic people.

Imagine my surprise to discover that my two most popular gigs that were live for over a year (both being advertised) were today removed for ‘breaking terms of service’.

It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers.

Odd for several reasons, my gigs have had over 20,000 impressions, 60 sales in the last 30 days - so very much in demand and my other gigs are still live.

Thinking it was an automated nuking I raised a ticket; (My emphasis in bold)

It is very unfortunate to hear that your gigs were removed. Please allow me to explain what happened

While I understand that your Gig used to perform well on our platform, with the constant changes and improvements that we bring over time to our platform, this kind of offer is no longer in focus when it comes to the services we display on our website.

This is a good opportunity to refresh your Gigs and provide a service that is more in demand. I would kindly advise you to search through our website to see what are the most trending Gigs that are converting in the recent period. That way, you can distinguish what service you would like to offer and showcase your talents by creating a New Gig!

So Forex is no longer permitted on Fiverr? That’s ok, their house, their rules.

But a quick search finds over 6,100 gigs.

When I asked support specifically;

I sent your complaint to the relevant team and they confirmed that they are in the process of removing all services that are not in line with Fiverr anymore.

You can report a Gig too by using the “Flag” feature available on the Gig page (see image). This actually helps our team to review reports more quickly and efficiently.

So not directly answer the question, just a general ‘not permitted’ answer. Ok… but then odd to ask me to flag all (now 6,140) fellow forex gigs.

Not cool.

So it would seem that my time here comes to an end and I bid you adieu.

My parting words would be to remember you’re using someone else’s marketplace and they can change the house rules at any time.

Good luck!



If the landlord sells the house you are renting, you have to find a new place to live.

This is much the same.

Good luck on your move.


Very true - but at least you get some notice!

Thank you :pray:


So, the plot thickens;

I asked where it says in the new terms that Forex is not permitted;

please note that this infomration is not on our Terms of Service, this is internal information and since this process is not regulated by Customer Support, we cannot provide any further information.

So I really can’t get my head around this - my 2 top-performing gigs were removed, I was told that forex is no longer permitted - yet I have 5 other gigs in the forex category still running and the number of gigs on the site is going up not down.

So now I’m told it’s actually a shadow internal reason that isn’t publicly available.

What gives?

Ban everyone, purge the category (it’s still available as a tag) and that’s fair game. But why pick on me?


They should add it to the TOS or a policy page if it’s not allowed, otherwise people aren’t going to know it’s not allowed if it’s just an internal document.

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I hope my ramblings are of value - I post more to highlight the plight of a long term and dedicated seller and how a hidden change in the terms can also affect you;

I was contacted by several buyers last night asking where my gigs went - what would you do? I wouldn’t want to take the sale off-platform, but yet I’m now not allowed to take the sale on the platform either.

Support says;

taking business outside of the platform is a violation of our policies.

So what do I do? Ignore people who message?

I also asked why the number of gigs in the forex category is increasing (up 40 today)

Please note that any other Gigs found not to be aligned with our guidelines will also be eventually reviewed by the relevant team and removed from the platform, just note that this takes time.

If a category is now banned - you do a keyword search and ‘remove all’, no?

Headscratching to say the least. The lack of respect and inconsistency is possibly the most disappointing. I don’t need it, it was just a creative outlet for me - but imagine if I did and my entire business was nuked with no notice, no change of the public terms and conditions - all that hard work, gone.

Is this forum moderated by customer engagement/ outreach staff? Please DM me if so.

I’ll drop an email to the CEO Micha Kaufman in a few days. Whenever there is a true issue with a company, an email to the CEO’s office usually gets some resolution; but I’d like to pass up the chain first before going straight to the top.


It depends - though I assume it isn’t a whole category/subcategory. Maybe someone might have a keyword of x in the gig description but don’t actually do x (or the specific thing that is against their unpublicised rules), eg. it could say “I don’t do x in this gig”. So automatically removing every gig that contained that keyword would remove those not doing the thing against their rules. Maybe a keyword removal might work better if it just looked at the gig titles.

Agree - though it would be easier to do a removal on mass and individual appeals, rather than individually reviewing and removing which is what I feel they are doing at the moment.

Why else remove 2 out of 7?

Maybe they don’t want 6000 support requests created at once because they removed 6000 gigs at once without manually checking.

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Nope. It’s a community forum. The few Fiverr-staff people who do make rare appearances are not part of support.


When I joined here from another freelancer website, I read all the bad stuffs about fiverr. That basically the thing I read first when I join a freelancer site. Either how their support behaves and helps sellers, and figured out that buyer is king here. I wonder why someone would want to make fiverr their main source of income. Yet I see new thread everyday, about “I’m new on fiverr wish me luck”. Lol, though I wish them luck, but putting your eggs in one basket is a bad stuff. I will suggest to run a website or open a business locally while running fiverr, and unfortunately alot of sellers don’t do that and when they are hit with stuffs like this or bad client etc… it Hurst.

So my ticket is now being closed without answering;

You have closed 2 of my forex gigs, but 4 more remain, how come?

I can’t sell forex on your platform and remain within the rules, yet I can’t take people off platform because that breaks the rules also. Is your advice that I ignore people who contact me?

Over 6,100 gigs in the forex space and I have to ghost anyone who messages me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve sent an email to the CEO’s office, will report back if I get a reply.

Quick update - I replied to the ticket asking if it was closed by mistake (because it was closed without being answered) and that was closed too.

Then the next day a CS Team Lead replied

I completely understand where you are coming from, and I am in the process of reviewing your request further with our relevant department so that I may provide you with more clarity on the issues at hand.

Thank you for your understanding, I will get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Sending a message to the CEO does often make things move on a little…

Side note, the number of gigs in the category is up another 20 in the last 48 hours.

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A couple of weeks later, my last update after a couple of escalations further up the chain and trying to pin people down on details.

Initially, I was told;

You may, if you wish, educate other users on Forex trading as long as the other party understands the risks involved in trading and without promising outcomes that are outside of your control.

Which made it sound like I would be ok because that’s what I’m doing.

When trying to clarify the detail (and adding the disclaimer) I was told;

Our moderation department has thoroughly reviewed your case and unfortunately, your previously active gigs have now been denied as they grant access to trading indicators and pre-existing trading bots- both of which are not permitted within our platform’s guidelines. To expand on this further, services offering premade products to multiple users do not meet our platform’s values.

I wasn’t offering access to indicators in the layman sense or trading bots, but my emphasis in bold.

We strive to be a marketplace where we offer personalized freelance services, tailored to a user’s profile and their needs.

I asked for an example of a gig in the category that would be considered ok - because I’m not sure how else I can offer forex knowledge without a “I will teach you how to trade” gig, which will be the same gig but repackaged but with some ‘fluff’ to make it appear a more unique experience.

Or without offering a course - which are ten an penny on here (in almost every category).

The good news is that I found a Gig on Forex trading that you can check out and use as a reference for your future Gigs:

But CS had literally gone to the first result and taken me to a 1 hour pre-recorded video explaining things you can find for free on and a rudimentary PDF showing several strategies (just not coded for convenience like mine are).

I would say that’s even worse than mine - repackaging freely available content and explains strategies in a harder to follow format.

In closing it would seem that I don’t really have anything groundbreaking to offer in this rambling thread; it mostly highlights that those applying the policies have no knowledge of the forex instury or are unable to read between the lines of what a gig has to offer.

There is no big ‘forex purge’ as I was initially told, my gigs are in line with other categories for educational content but have been interpreted by the powers that be to be none compliant and the example offered also breaks the same terms that I’ve been done for.

Contradictory but so be it.

Good luck out there!

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They should have put that in a rule somewhere on the site like policy/TOS if it’s not allowed.
I assume that also means gigs that sell something like an ebook/ebooks they’ve already created would also not be allowed now, unless they altered them to be more specific (enough) for a particular buyer.

Which might be what you’d need to do. Though it still might be a risky gig to create if it’s about Forex and you would be dependent on the CS person whether they thought the gig was against the TOS. It’s probably safer to avoid Forex gigs (eg. it’s probably not worth the risk of a warning).

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My understanding from the conversation with the CS Lead would be that if that ebook came with a 1 on 1 personal call to make it a unique experience you would be ok.


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