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Gigs removed for no reason?


Last night 3 of my gigs regarding reviewing on Amazon/Goodreads were removed with the claim that:

"This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service."

I have had these 3 gigs up for over a month, have perfect feedback rating on them with plenty of sales for each, and have not had a single problem with a customer. Suddenly they violate terms of service? Since I assume that they would of been denied in the first place if there was some other issue, I can only assume that it is someone who complained. But seeing as I have perfect feedback and never got a complaint from anyone I also can assume that it was not a paying customer who complained but some other random person.

This past week I did have a guy get mad at me because I would not purchase his product off amazon before he payed for my gig. It is my policy to not start an order until the gig is started. I told him to buy the gig, and then we could start the order process. I have done this for every order and no one has had an issue before. He got mad and perhaps he reported me. But again, he never ordered from me, and he was trying to violate the terms of service himself by requesting an outside email to send info to.

So what happened? Can anyone explain why suddenly gigs that have been operating for well over a month with no issues, good sales, and good reviews, would suddenly be taken down and denied by Fiverr?


If thats the case… so nice of Fiverr for giving some warning that they are changing their system. Not to mention i still see plenty of review gigs up on the site.


As I have seen recently, fiverr has started removing these type of paid reviews services. The merchants like youtube, amazon wouldn’t want paid reviews.

So this is just conforming to their terms.


they must be on the hunt for them as well. You can see some posts about this subject here.


The reason your gig was removed was explained to you in the message.

A third party (i.e. Amazon) complained that your gig was violating their terms so Fiverr removed the gig.

Fiverr haven’t changed anything. Your gig never conformed with Fiverr’s own terms or those of Amazon. It’s not good business for Amazon if people start getting paid to write reviews because their brand becomes less trustworthy.