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Gigs removed: no buyers request

Recently four out of my five gigs have been removed by Fiverr for being duplicated. I was advised by some experts to upload similar gigs for same service to increase the probability of getting order. I have some questions for guidance. Hope I will get the answers. Thanks.

  1. How many gigs must be uploaded for a single service to increase the probability of getting orders?
  2. I am providing MS Excel services and uploaded my gig under Business category with sub category DATA ENTRY, as there was no other option related to MS Excel services but I haven’t seen a single buyers request till date. Why is that so? Am I using the wrong category?

You sued correct category but it is a very competitive category, most of the seller offer this skill and there are thousands of data entry gigs.
If possible split your skills on parts and offer those skills.


You can give business plan service too as you are a Business Management graduate,
financial business reports, and charts preparation services gigs.


I have also same problem.