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Gigs review please


Hello everybody,

I’d appreciate it if someone could review my gigs. Please, tell me where I’m wrong, because I have very little sales (well, only one :frowning: ). I want to improve even though I know that patience is the key here on fiverr.

My gigs:

Thanks in advance,





I reviewed your gigs and they seem to be alright, maybe there are not that many customers who need this material for the moment. Only problem I had was with the text-into-wooden and text-into-steel gig. for both gigs I saw just the same gig.



Your image enlarging gig, shows really poor quality enlarged pictures.

I could always use a service like that, but looking at your pictures I’m not sure I’ll get a super good quality image back.

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:



For #1. You may want to lead with “Images on the web are too small…” and make it larger. It’s a good tag line. If you do that that the line “I will help you to achieve…” could start “This will help you to achieve…” which ties it in better with the other line imo. It should also be “print quality of an image” instead of “a image”. Instead of saying “don’t expect miracles…” I might say something like “Very low quality images can’t be enlarged successfully. Please contact me if you’re unsure that your image can be enlarged” or something like that.

Hope that helps. I’ll get to the others as time allows,



For #2. 1st line “…in the background is ugly guy?” should be "…is an ugly guy?"

I would bold "Photoshop doctor will solve your problem!"

7th line “…which keep the transparency” to "…keeps the"

8th line. we usually spell color that way in US not colour.

9th line. “…the edges would be sharp” to "…edges will be"

Those are just editing suggestions. Overall I would take advantage of the formatting options and make important lines in bigger fonts or highlight really important lines. That goes for all the gigs.

Hope that helps. More to come…


Thank you guys, you are all very helpful! I will follow your suggestions, for sure. Sometimes is not easy to explain gig in description, especially because English is not my first language, as you can see ;-). But I will try harder and I hope that I will get few more buyers. Thanks to you, too.




I really like the sense of humor on your gigs. It’s good. Keeps it light and friendly!

For #3. Again I’d bold the first line. "Just as the title says: I’ll do anything you need for your photo image."

Start “Editing, retouching, photomontage… Your only duty is to ask me ;-)” as a new line.


For #4

"…make happy your friends" > “…make your friends happy”

"…that you will love it!" > "…that you will love!"

I don’t mind being your editor for the moment. I’m waiting to here about revisions for a gig I just delivered so i have time to kill :wink:

and you’re welcome!



"Have an image of it that’s blurry when you try to re-size it?" > “Is the image blurry when you try to re-size it”

"…flyers, posters, jumbo panels…" > “…flyers, posters, jumbo panels, etc…”

“With this vector, you could shrink/expand it to whatever size, without worrying about the sharpness/quality of the printout.” > " Vectors shrink or expand to whatever size you’d like without worrying about the sharpness and quality of the printout."

:…I will send you (ai/cdr/eps/pdf" > “…I will send it to you (ai/cdr/eps/pdf”



After this line “In case of logo, it must be in HIGH RESOLUTION PNG format.” I would put something like "If your logo isn’t in High Res PNG format take a look at my other gigs for help with that"

Cross selling your own gigs is great!


I hope any or all of that helps you out! Best of luck with all your gigs!


Brian, you are my fiverr guru! :wink:

…The next level is fiverr GOD :slight_smile:

I already made some changes.

Thanks a lot, man!



Haha! Thanks Boris. I’m glad I could help!


Hello :slight_smile:

i registered only a few days ago on this site… i just ordered a logo for my business but seems to be that the resolution of the picture is very poor… :frowning:

Is that normal overhere? i paid 40 dollars for it but its only 400x233… i suppose if i want to make bigger the image it would get blurry… i have been reading your posts but didn´t understand very well if you can manage to change an image from low resolution to high… i know that the opposite can be done…

Could please somebody help me with that…

many thanks in advance



A vector graphic will maintain it’s quality regardless of size. It will look the same at 10x10 and 1000x1000

Did you contact the seller and tell them your not happy with the quality?


Reply to @roxyjen: Hello, I can convert your jpg logo into vector (ai, cdr…) if you order one of my gigs:

Then you will be able to enlarge your logo without loss in quality, and you can use it for printing too.

Feel free to contact me.

Kindest regards