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GIG's Rotational Policy got active!

According to my experience and others as well. Those sellers who’ve Level.1 or 2 badge are not getting any impressions like previous days. From the past 60 days, my GIG is not getting impressions and I don’t know what happened to the algorithm, is it gone mad? Why the hell algorithm is not promoting gigs of Level.1 and level.2?

Is the same situation happening with you?

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Yes, to everybody, for past year. You can find over 300 topics about it, and also Fiverr 3.0 opinions.

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Keep an eye out for Fiverr 3.0. Then I hope you can understand

It’s rough, for sure. Feeling the effects hard at the moment.

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What is this? Could you please explain shortly please?

It’s called Gig Rotation.

Fiverr uses it to “rotate” Gigs.

That means EVERY Seller on Fiverr will see their Gigs move around from time to time.

Fiverr clearly states that gig position is not permanent, so that’s why.

It’s a fair way to give us all a shot at good exposure.

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Check this topic out: Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!

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