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Gigs selling animated explainer videos created through GoAnimate, Videohive templates



I am writing this to know the opinion of sellers from Animated Explainer Video Category.

I have come across many Gigs which are selling videos made with GoAnimate, Videohive Templates and using other software too.

As we already know these companies certain set of rules for selling videos made on their platform or through their templates.

Like GoAnimate charges 80 USD (39 USD if you are a registered reseller with them Just Like me) for commercial rights transfer for each video sold and Videohive wants the user to buy a copy of template everytime a video is created for sale to the third party. (Extended License also states that)

Let’s talk about GoAnimate for now.
If we analyze the conditions above it is impossible to sale a video here on Fiverr for less than 65 USD.
Assuming 10 USD is spent for voice over and script writing services. This too if you are registered reseller which is not the case with every seller.

Now there are N numbers of Gigs which are selling videos below that and are successful too.

But they are not ethical they are not transferring rights.

And these companies do not have time to investigate each and every gig and ask for proof that they are complying with their Terms of service.

This situation is not good for ethical sellers who are paying hefty commercial rights fees and are not able to get orders as their prices are high. (You now know why?)

What do you think about it?

  • Fiverr should add commercial rights section in video gigs and ask sellers to upload proof every month
  • We should report it to GoAnimate, Videohive etc and wait for a month to see results which are not assured

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I think Fiverr including a commercial rights option is more viable.

Please comment too what do you think?



Buyers need to be educated.

But most of them don’t care.

There are sellers blatantly stating that they “own thousands of templates” so buyers don’t need to purchase them.

I have a VH editing gig, and 3/10 messages I get from prospects mention “I can get that template unless you already have it”.

So they really couldn’t care less about rights, licenses and illegal resellers.

I see hundreds of goanimate gigs that are advertised as “custom”.

I think Fiverr adding a “commercial rights” option will just lead in those illegal sellers making more money by charging for rights they do not own.

What Fiverr should do is suspend all explainer gigs that use goanimate/videohive until:

A) they disclose it in their title/description
B) offer a pdf proof that transfers all rights to the buyer, PER PURCHASE.

That will certainly help vanish those $5 vh/goanimate gigs.

Fiverr’s bottom line may see a small dent for a month or so, but since they are actively trying to pivot to a much higher quality/price marketplace, this will definitely help in the long run.