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Hi everyone
If your gig’s click is goes down then I have some good
trick to boost it up…


Then tell us…


Would you please share with us


Yeah, then tell us


I guess you are keeping it to yourself.


You are still quiet


suggest me what trick you can use it…


This was his trick.


You just have 12 reviews with 1 level authorship and you are talking this. Go get some more sales and then share with us your trick.


Explain here please. Thanks


He has no trick-- he just wants people to view his gigs.


maybe he just promote his fig, lol


The secret of success - generating meaningless topics on the forum


Interesting. I give you an A for personal strategy… Half of these viewers may possibly click your page to see your details, which will of course increase your ‘clicks’.

*He did say he has some tricks to boost clicks… I’m guessing this is the trick. It will boost his… and I’m guessing newbies may try this to at least obtain clicks. (ironically genius).

It’s like the handful of persons who figure this out, may actually use that same IQ to avoid using this ‘trick’, even though detestably effective for clicks only.



Hi @speedy876
Glad to see your comments. I was reading your old threads that were about the total $$$$ that someone has earned per month. The posts were motivating me and probably others. Why don’t you start one. Don’t be too silent