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Gigs should have an additional feature for seller to accept order

gigs should have an additional feature for the seller to accept orders or not because of mostly buyer intentionally placed wrong order with a low budget or don’t provide enough information to complete the order which makes trouble for sellers


It’s a long demanding feature but I don’t think fiverr would apply this feature on our profiles.
If you have low sales or new account, do the work if possible.

If not, then cancel the order by contacting Customer Support and mention that it’s a wrong order so the cancellation would not effect your account.

If you type “seller to accept order feature” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed topic.


A lot of people want designers to do things for “exposure” (ie free) and even contact agencies thinking they’re doing them a favour. But they all say no … and assert they get paid for their work.

Strongly agreed with you.