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Gigs Showing Late When The Really Aren't

The Fiverr counter on my “To Do” page said that I had 1 day left to complete my gigs. When I clicked in, the page said that my gig was late. There were 3 gigs waiting in total. All three were showing late, even though I should have had another day to complete all of them. I completed one of the gigs (late), and the other 2 buyers cancelled (because it was “late”).

Just following that, my rank seemed to drop considerably - obviously because I had delivered late, and had recent cancellations, even though none of the gigs should have ever been marked as such. This was clearly not my fault, but however is now my problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

I did submit a bug report, but that doesn’t fix my rank. I used to appear at the top of my category. Now I’m buried below about 100 other sellers. . .

I’m starting to look around for other ways to sell my gigs. I don’t mind a technical glitch occasionally. I know it happens, but I was just penalized for something that had nothing to do with me. It’s unfortunate, but I’m glad I now know that’s possible. I hope others weren’t too effected by it.

Thanks for the reply.