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Gigs Social Advertising Data Shared For Your Benifit


For the past three months, I have been running a robust social media marketing campaign for my Fiverr profile and Gigs. That includes 3 FB ads for three different Gigs, two posts daily to FB and Twitter, and posting in FB groups.

The result - Zero, none, nada, no, zilch, zip, 0 sales from this effort.

How do I know?

I have a question in my buyer requirements that ask how people found me. The three top answers:

A Fiverr search for keywords or by category
I sent them a buyer request response
Fiverr recommended me to them (You have seen this in an email from Fiverr or on the home page. Gigs they think you might like.)

One person found me through a Google search
The rest are repeat buyers

The takeaway: your 20% commission is going to work through Fiverr advertising to get your Gigs out there.
There are many factors on whether you get sales or not, including your Gig set up.

In my humble opinion, if you want a social media presence to look more professional or because you are a full-time legit business great. However, in my experience, the conversation from likes, shares, and post engagements do not convert to sales.

I hope some people find this useful. I am sure every seller has a different situation. I would be interested to hear how buyers find sellers.


Really interesting info - thank you for sharing!

I haven’t tried paid ads, but have an active Twitter account, and like you, I don’t think I’ve seen anything from it at all. I have had traffic from my YouTube channel, but as I’m doing videos, that’s no great surprise.

It does look as if the bulk of our traffic does come from Fiverr, which is no bad thing!


I suggest you look for @jamesbulls post about social media.

Social media can be effective when you use it properly - it should be social ie. it should reach out to people, be engaging, be personal. Ads, promoted posts, repetitively posting your gigs - these are all irritating to other social media users - it is effectively being anti-social.

I would liken those approaches to someone going into a pub trying to sell something to everyone there.
What you really need to do is sit down and have a pint with the people there and at some point they will check what you do. At the point in the future when they need your service then they will contact you because you seemed like a decent bloke.

The only thing I have found to give worse ROI than Facebook ads is Twitter promoted Tweets - both are wastes of time and money. Just use social media to be social, spend some time on it and be consistent.


I agree with this entirely. I started out doing my social media ads like most people, broadcasting them on Facebook and Twitter, etc. Zero results. I bought a gig and had a guy advertise one of my gigs on his popular blog with the right audience. I got 1 sale after running the ad for a month, a loss of money.

I started to join forums and Q/A sites that had people interested in things related to what I sell. I didn’t advertise, I just started chatting with forum users and answering questions on the Q&A sites. After people got to know my username, I would occasionally mention a gig when I thought it could help someone on those sites. I’ve gotten several one-time buyers that way and a few that were regulars on and off.

I don’t always have time to stay active on those sites now that I’m expanding my streams of income, but that was the only “social” method that worked for me. When I was spending a half hour on those sites every other day for several months I was receiving at least 2-3 messages a week from potential buyers who came from there.


I read his post. Thank you for sharing. I am only sharing my experience. As he said in his post, his experience is his alone. I do not care for Google Plus. I am not on here full time as he is. I work full-time.
I thought I would give FB and twitter a genuine effort based on what I know. I do not post about my gigs much. It is content others may find interesting.

If I do anything else social it is Linked In. I actually got an opportunity to write for a website due to my linked in profile and content I posted there. I think Linked in is great for relationship building as James stated in his post.

Again, these are my thoughts and experiences. Everyone is different in what they are trying to achieve and how they want to use social experience, and my social media use tells me Fiverr is where it is at as far as how people find me.


That is good to know. It sounds like relationship building is important. It is that time thing. I work full time. I hired a fiverr to help me schedule post and manage social media at my direction. I do not have time to be on forums and social media sites all day. So it is throwing good money after bad at this point, and I am done with that.

If people are finding me through Fiverr searches and buyer request, why not use what works.
It is my lower performing gigs I would like to see more traffic to. When I have more time, I may see about social media marketing different ways for those. Or adding new gigs and other options.

I see so many post here about social media marketing and asking if it works, so I thought I would share my results for those who may consider it.


I looked at James Google Plus. Very nice, and I see why it works. Being a teacher, I keep what I post on social media to business. No personal views because students find me, and I have seen teachers get punished for it. The world we live in, as a make who works with kids and a teacher in general, social media and personal opinion is a no no.

I like the idea of linked in for more personal relationship building


I entirely agree that if you get enough sales to make what you want from just Fiverr there is no particular reason you should pursue it elsewhere. It’s also important that people who can’t seem to make money that way have a better understanding of how to use social media. :slight_smile:

For clarity - I spend several hours a day either working on gigs or my other income streams. I don’t spend all day on any particular social media. This forum is the only one I visit daily. That’s why I mentioned that I saw results when I spent a half hour building relationships every other day and did get results. Other than that, I totally understand your point and agree.


Appreciate the clarity. I would be interested in learning about your other income streams. Obviously not forum conversation, but if you are comfy sharing in a message. I too have a couple other irons in the fire so to speak.



Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.


Thanks for the hat-tip :smiley:


Guys, one thing that I noticed while promoting my gigs to social media is that it brings views.

For example, in a regular day without any promotion, I would have about 5 gig views. When I use Twitter for promotion, my gig views & clicks jump to 20-30 views.

I guess that must help somehow with rankings. :smile:


I agree. The views do not convert to sales. Window shopping is nice. If no one is buying, get away from my window.


As @silberma1976 mentioned above, views do not convert to sales hence has ZERO value to add to gig placements.

What really affects gig placements are tangible items such as rating, delivery time etc.

Gig views and clicks do nothing to add to the SERP.
If that was the case there would be a lot people driving their gig position just by upping the views and clicks on their gigs.


In fact I would suspect that just getting views and clicks without orders would be negative for search results as it would lower your conversion rate which shows Fiverr that people who see your gig are not interested in buying it. Why would Fiverr promote a gig that people won’t buy?


I never cared for conversion rate. It is not an accurate number. You send a custom offer, and the person changed their mind. Or, you go a couple days without an order. Stats are nice when they give you useful information. Fiverr bases their stats on a 30 day period. Every day starts a new 30 day period. If they gave me stats for the last month or quarter, that may be more helpful.

My goal is to have a sale complete every day. So, if I get 4 sales in a day, and one completes over the next four days, I have funds constantly clearing with no gaps. I do not go focus on how many views, if they went up and down, or any of that. If I am getting and completing sales, great! If not, it is time to make a change.



Whether you care for it or not, I am pretty sure Fiverr cares about it and that is important. It actually has the potential to tell which gigs are most likely to result in a sale and so it should be extremely important to Fiverr and to the ranking results.


Let us agree to disagree