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Gigs starting at more than $5?

I’m wondering, I’ve read somewhere that sellers will be able to create new gigs starting at more than 5$. I’m not seeing this option yet. Will this option become available? It’s what I am looking forward the most in Fiver 2.0.

I don’t understand why a site caller ‘fiverr’ would allow starting prices to be over $5. It sounds counterintuitive to me. Maybe they meant that with the extras it would be over $5?

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Yes I understand your concern. The way they advertised the ‘new’ fiverr it was implied that sellers will be able to make more money by selling for higher prices. Turns our they were speaking about extras. I don’t understand why they said it would be a feature of the ‘new’ fiverr since $100 extras were here long before.

The URL below is an article that was officially shared by Fiverr when they started to announce 2.0.

"Originally on Fiverr, if sellers wanted to charge more than $5 for services, they needed to ask buyers to purchase multiple orders, or purchase add-on extras. Now, Fiverr enables prices up to $500 for services that are definitely moving up the ladder in categories like branding and animation that could benefit from more work than even very inexpensive hires could previously offer for $5."

So if Fiverr never intended to implement this new change, why did they share this article officially?

To be honest, I was gonna quit Fiverr because although it was fun during the first weeks the small gigs are just time-consuming to manage (I simply would like to skip the $5 gigs and jump directly to $20), and when I’ve read that story I was excited and decided to remain a seller, it seems Fiverr 2.0 has only introduce a new web design (which is truly awesome), but nothing else greatly more…

As being TOP RATED SELLER they have GIG EXTRA of 100$ and they get 4 slots of GIG EXTRAS + 1 FAST SERVICE.

So if they put all GIG EXTRAS as $100 = $400


GIG EXTRA as $100

Then it will be total $505 per GIG :slight_smile:

I think this is what FIVERR meant by empowering (which is already implemented and might many TRS already earning)

when you purchase a gig on v2 you hover over the order now button and it gives you the option to buy the gig extras as you purchase the gig instead of buying the extras after so I guess you could say you are technically buying the gig for $500 and skipping the $5 step.

perhaps the article was also implying that the site is promoting more expensive services and that seems to be the priority in the featured and main pages of fiverr.

Thanks for this great piece of information, matt_garry. This option seems to be quite useful. My only concern is that many people might purchase only 1x$5 instead of let’s say 4x$20 and lead to confusion/dispute. I’ll try it and see what happens.

Here’s an example of my gig:

I will give my first game if people preorder the sequel for 4x$5 (a total of $20.00). Any suggestions to make it works better?

Reply to @blackthirteen: I am new on Fiverr and i am doing the same to you. It’s really effective.

i would like to offer services for more than $ too… I got clients ordering 5x the same services…

Yes, I agree. Feature for setting a base price more than $5 is a must need.

I do custom logo animations, which I would like to set $65 as base price.

I clearly mentioned it on my gig description to add extras without fail and without extras I will cancel the order.

But many buyers simply read the title “I will create original custom animated Logo INTRO for $5” . Watch the view samples, get impressed, skip reading description and buy gig with $5.

Either fiverr should provide a Feature to set base price or feature to lock extras (extras checked by default)

seller agree with me, hit like.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Totally true. Taking away the rule of offering at lest one $5 base gig option it would not be “Fiverr” it would be “Whateverr”. Keep the major profits in the extras. There is no way the site would be as popular without the entire premise of being a place for finding amazing deals.

Just to add a point.

If you could raise your starting price

There would be a starting price filter

in which buyers would always choose cheaper gigs, not bothering to look at yours

and you would lose business.

Reply to @kjblynx:

Thanks for pointing out that rule.

Then I would like a feature to ensure that buyer read the description before order.

how to get buyers for gig as i have posted 4 gigs and did get a single buyers/order. help me in this

Over the years I have purchased well over 100 gigs. I don’t mind paying extra for quality but sadly I see prices increasing to an average of $45 (for the work I want). I’m happy to pay around $25 but the quality of work in many cases is poor. Time to look for alternatives I think.

I am getting very disillusioned with “5er” especially when it comes to the programming and tech. I’m starting to get very suspicious of listings that say, “contact me before ordering” because it will always entail the seller asking for a whole lot more than $5. I understand that some jobs can become worth a lot more for the time spent, but I also can tell when a job is really pretty simple, and the seller is just jacking the price. For instance, all these so called “custom apps” “developers” want $100+ for, are most likely done with templates from CodeCanyon, and are not really all that “custom” at all. It’s almost impossible to get anything for $5 on 5er anymore, I might as well just do job postings on oDesk. (website scrambled by 5er. Don’t want to bleed off business)

A lot of sellers offer NOTHING for $5. How do we report them to fiverr? They are wasting a lot of my time with their bait & switch gigs.