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Gigs statistics are getting down


Hi everyone. Within 2 weeks, I get orders but it’s couple of days my gig statistics are getting arrow down. I don’t know, why this is occurring? Yesterday my views were on the peak and now they are in minus points. Do anyone help how to resolve it?


hello dear.
activity get well.


Fiverr Stats are bugish don’t waste your time on them, you should try to contact Fiverr support for that or just keep improving your Gigs.


Thanks. But I was afraid because with decreasing statistics, I am seeing low requests in the buyer request section.


That’s good advice. Thank you.


Does someone know why this is happening? I am getting arrows down now, no orders, no messages… I don´t understand.


This is happening because you have lower gig traffic than traffic in the last period ( 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, last 6 months - you can see this in the right corner on gig page)


I can´t see it :thinking:


Go to Gigs page, it’s located under create a new gig box.


Thank you! Now I see it… but still don´t understand why all of a sudden it went down… maybe because I changed gig descriptions?


I don’t think so. I think it’s only because new time period has started.


My impression is increasing highly… @smartgraphs