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Gigs Statistics are no longer available on site and on app

Anyone please tell me when this gigs calculation will get updated. Its been about 2 days and still on website its showing ‘we are updating your gigs analytics etc etc’ on the top of the website highlighted with yellow.
Also, gigs statistics section is suddenly hidden and missed from the app also.
When these issues will be solved and get update. Will it cause any type of impact on our gigs ?
Please tell me soon…


fiverr is workng on that - this will not cause any damage in any sense to your gig’s, they are active and you can share your gig to clients plus there is a maintenance timing when the site maybe down for specific time :


thanks for it… by the way, can i make another gig during this maintenance?

Yes you can make gig’s as many fiverr allows you to make,

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Ok thanks a lot for this.

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The above is the post regarding the statistics issue.


I can’t make a new gig, because in the description column a gig can’t do typing so it can’t continue the process of making a gig

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Gig analytics issue: causing data to not be shown (Still there and updating) .