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Hi everyone!

This is @pup_punter speaking. I need some statistical insights. What would be a rather decent impression rate for fresh gigs in Ecommerce sellers category?


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Based off of this: For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share

I would have to say… Impressions aren't all that important. Here's why:

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no mention of Ecommerce services category.

Yes, a bit confusing.

Time to do more research, so it will be less confusing.

Impressions mean squat.

Clicks are where the real money is.

I get about 10 to 20 impressions a day.

I get maybe one or two clicks a day.

I still get regular work here as well.

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There are sellers who get 1000+ impressions per day, then freak out and think they are intentionally being suppressed/sabotaged if they drop to sub 500. Personally, I infrequently get over 100 impressions on my main gig and primarily hover in the double digits for every other gig, so I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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I know.

I laugh at Sellers who do the “I’ve lost my impressions” freak out dance.

This week I’ve picked up three jobs on a Gig that has not had more than 20 impressions on it per day.

You don’t see me freaking out…lol

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