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Gigs stats offline since weeks now

Hi Fiverr Team,

The Gig stats page doesn’t list the gigs impressions and related stats since weeks now. As you can imagine, this is quite an important functionality for any fiverr seller on your platform and can have direct impact on the received orders.

I was wondering, since you must be aware of the central importance of this feature, why it is still unresolved since many days? Moreover, I am quite curious that I couldn’t find any blog post about it that provides some transparency to your users. What is the root cause? Were you guys hacked? Did someone of your staff delete some configuration files or database entries? When will it come back? I am surprised of not receiving any additional information beyond seeind this static box saying “Don’t worry, we will get it fixed the next days”.

Happy to receive your feedback.



If you use the Forum :mag: search feature you will find that this has been discussed for weeks now.

Why not join in the conversation here: Gig analytics “N/A”

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