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Gigs suddenly not promotable!

I have been doing really well over the past month, having previously had an awful 6 weeks. However, today, for no reason my gigs are not promotable anymore, and I’ve dropped off the search results to somewhere at the bottom of the rankings.

Can anyone advise why my gigs are suddenly deemed not worthy of promotion? I’ve had consistently great reviews, and orders delivered on time. I’m completely confused as to what’s happening.


Hi Mike,

I feel sorry that suddenly you’re facing this issue. I have passed through this situation as well.
I researched a lot and contacted support a couple of times to overcome this situation.
So mainly I learned, this happens for short of the quality and additional metrics.
And the only option is to keep doing your best with the running orders (if any) with quality work, get praise from your buyers, and spending a good time though you’ve no work to meet these quality metrics.
This can last for a couple of days to more (unexpectedly).
I can see that you’re doing well, so most if you do not get back to the metrics simply, then maybe you need to wait for your turn to come forward on rankings when Fiverr shuffles the order to give the opportunity to others.

Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback and advice. Much appreciated!

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Thank you for your insight