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Gigs Suddenly ranked to the last page

Hello everyone, I started selling as a content writer on Fiverr in July 2020. I received my first order in August and used to get 2-3 orders every month since then. In December 2020, I started getting more orders and all my gigs were ranking on the first or second page. In January 2021, one of my gigs was ranked on the top row of the first page and I was getting a lot of impressions, clicks and orders that time. Then one of my order was cancelled by the end of January and my gigs started to rank down. So, I hardly received 3 orders in February and in March everything was coming back to normal. I was receiving orders and messages from potential clients and then by the mid of march one of my orders was again cancelled and that drastically changed the ranking of my gigs. My gigs are now ranked on the last page and it’s been over a month now since I received an order on Fiverr. I hardly get 100 impressions a week on my 5 gigs combined. Can anyone please suggest what I can do to come out of this situaton? I am really feeling frustrated now.