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Gigs that are a Fraud

Just a warning to those people who are thinking about purchasing a signup package from someone

Make 50 real signup your given site and referrals! $5 gig then add in:

Extra give you 80 USA real signup to your referral link $20

I purchased 2 packages costing $50 in total.

Guess what???

Everyone of them turned out to be bogus!

Think I might find out how I stand on a legal point of view?

Well he refunded my money but its not the point, how many other people has he ripped off in the past?

Just wanted to warn people not to do any business with this man!!!

Sheriffs note: Please do not call out other users, if you have an issue please direct it to your seller or customer support

It always amazes me when people try to dishonestly boost their traffic by buying likes or followers, and then they get all pissed off when someone dishonestly sells them fake likes.

This isn’t customer service. You aren’t allowed to name names on the forums. File a complaint with customer service and be glad the account you bought the likes for hasn’t been banned yet. Because all those sites clearly state in their Terms of Service that using artificial means to boost your traffic is not allowed.

From a ‘legal’ point of view i don’t think that the seller is breaking any of Fiverr TOS as there are hundreds of similar services advertising the same service all probably using the same method via software, you can’t really expect honesty from traffic services unless you are very new to this site, if so i recommend you do some research before making any big mistakes in your purchases (*)

So what would you both say the best way for me to get sign ups for my site are then?

Thanks for the advice both of you by the way!

I suggest legitimate advertising, it’s the only way your going to receive any real traffic. But even legitimate advertising services here on Fiverr are often misleading (you really do get what you pay for) so I would suggest you find services that can create promotional material for your site such as Press Release, Banner, Animated Advertisment , Voice over for Radio Advertisement etc that you can then use to promote your site outside of Fiverr (*)

Thank you for the advice Joey