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Gigs that are in first page without review

Hi am Brandinglord

    please can anyone explain to me  Why is it that some gigs are in first page without any review and my isn't the same

This is Fiverr style no one knows but Fiverr:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @brandinglord, this is totally depend on SEO

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Is it? :wink:

Nobody seems to know how it works, but it might as well be SEO (a fairly broad term if ever there was one) as anything else.

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It’s their random algorithm, that seems be giving everyone a sling at placement.

New gigs often get first page to allow new sellers to get some orders. From looking there also appears to be a randomizer that puts gigs on first page to give everyone a chance.

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Actually I don’t believe it’s about “giving a chance” to new sellers.

I believe they are still testing their algorithm in a way to maximize their profits, while satisfy those sellers who “dont mek sells”.

Most of threads on forum are about people complaining they created an account “yesterday” and they still have no sales, but they don’t promote their gigs, and most of them are amateurs on what they offer. I’m pretty sure it floods Customer Support too, with tickets about ranking and not having orders or similar.

These sellers uses to think that the problem is with fiverr, not with them or their gigs.

Unfortunately, I believe that because of those, who believe they will be successful by just creating a gig and wait, the marketplace ranking/placement is messed up like it is today.

In addition to the minutiae of the strange algorithm, potentially with a bit of randomization, some of it’s also intentional.

I bet a lot of those review-less gigs are either Pro sellers or the editorial team’s so called “rising stars.” The Pros, at least, need to get hit with a lot of with a lot of impressions to make conversions with those ridiculous prices.

as far as I can see, there are a lot of non-Pro sellers, nor even rising starts, at the top of rankings.

Also it’s affecting categories which there are not pro sellers.

About the prices, it can be ridiculous or not. When you are good on what you are doing, the sky is the limit for the prices. But comparing with the whole marketplace (2 sellers selling the same product, side by side, one for $5 and other for $10000), then I need to agree it’s ridiculous.

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It could be a system to determine the weight of the position alone respect to the probability to obtain a sale. The probability to obtain a sale depends on a number of factors - position on the page, price, number of reviews and so on - but not linearly (this probability is not just the sum of these factors), so they rely on statistic data, and those positions on the page are sacrified to build those data.

And when they deliberately do this, by placing amateurs review-less gigs on top, what happens? The quality of fiverr deliveries drops, because the users on top used to be the best sellers, now there are some of these best sellers and some of really amateur quality.

It’s the information that they need, actually, to distribute the Gigs on the page. What is the worth of the position alone in order to get a sale? Let’s put a Gig with 0 potential and we will find out. Sure, we could do differently (a manual selection) but it would cost too much.

actually it’s not hard to quantify the satisfaction of the buyer along with how much they spent. This is the best way to rank a gig in a way to maximize fiverr profits and keep a high standard.

In other words, as better the review with the higher price sold, higher the ranking

Fiverr is inventing a ranking which, for me, seems to be a little useless, like trying to prove that 2+2 isn’t 4. The best were on top because a reason, because they were the best.

It’s not viable to fiverr to place on top the best performed gigs based only on number of reviews, and not adding the price of the gig sold to ponder this.

Fiverr is a capitalist company and they want to do more profits (or PROs wouldn’t even be created, for example), but they don’t seem how to use their own ranking to do this.

Go to your local library or search with ya buddy’s phone. The results will be different. I think it’s also a randomized IP search algorithm. You will probably get similar results with a different “zero rated seller” at the top.