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Gigs that don't actually start at $5


Is this the norm on here? or did I get the wrong impression? I thought we were suppose to offer at lease the base of a gig for $5?

Just wondering because I came across a seller I was hoping to hire for a basic video project (slideshow) and his gig starts at $50 and wasn’t sure if I’m just confused about fiverr lol


Most gigs start at $5 and then offer extras for additional cost.

Do you have a link to this $50 gig? I can’t see how $50 minimum is possible.


Well he made it as an extra gig but said he won’t do any work until you order the $50 extra gig. So I guess technically it’s $55?

**removed the link, wasnt sure if it violated TOS


Reply to @mrsbrownies: You have to offer something starting at $5 it does not have to be a lot but you have to offer something.


You should report this gig, every gig must offer a basic $5 service.

I’ve seen many gigs get banned for not following this rule.


Well, I’ve seen a gig start at $25 but not as much as $55. I’m not sure exactly if this is against the TOS. The TOS says “Gigs® on Fiverr are offered at a base starting price of $5.” I believe it’s SUPPOSED to start at $5 for the basic gig because Fiverr automatically puts the “I will… for $5”


This one of his starts at $150 "give or take"

Sheriff’s note: link removed because we can’t call out other users here.
Report this gig on Customer Support site and Fiverr will take needed actions.

Seems like no one has ordered it yet. Wonder why.


Ok I was just wondering. I got super excited and was even thinking $25ish would be reasonable, but his starting prices are way out of my budget.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


He should give basic for 5$. he can’t increase that. but he can offer extra service. if someone like to extras then he can purchase that. but everyone must sale his basic gig for 5$


Hi after fiverr custom order concept occurs this happened. Btw 5$ is not enough for some gigs. I have simple video gig of 1 min for 5$ you can check that as well


I know $5 isn’t enough for some gigs :slight_smile: