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Gigs that make you money! Writing and Sports gigs for a great price

I am an experienced writer, hence most of my gigs are in writing and one in Basketball Coaching, I will probably extend my gigs to Creating Web 2.0 Sites and so on.

If you need a steamy romance written, one that will make sure that your clients thirst for more after they read “your” first book, then look no further. One of the cheapest services for your kinky clientele needs, from short stories to long and engaging ebooks:

Steamy romances not your thing? Well, I can write about any topic you want to sell, from money making to torn ACL recovery! Do you need a crafty how-to ebook to sell or maybe a well-researched one about a certain topic your interested? Look no further:

Maybe you are more interested in art? You want someone to sing about you through the magical power of peotry? Well, I got the thing for you Sire! A poem in your honor:

Or, or, listen to this! You can woo someone with a love poem! Slaps quill This bad boy can give you so much woo power:

Perhaps you are a blogger? Need some articles, I can provide:

Even more specific one of those bloggers, a sports journalist :open_mouth: . Don’t worry I got you as well:

But what if you want to learn a sport? How about learning basketball with me? I will make custom practice plans for you or your team:

Hope you guys like my gigs, and hopefully I’ll get some views at least :slight_smile:
Have a nice day/night and feel free to give your feedback, I hope I did this thread right.