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Gigs that offer Nothing for $5

I am a level 2 Seller here on Fiverr! I love this platform. However, I also with my other businesses also buy alot from other Fiverr sellers. It makes me mad when I click on a gig only to find out that they are not offering anything for $5. Their gig, as outlined costs $45. There has to be a way to “report” a gig and state a specific reason as to why you are reporting it.

It’s against the Terms of service, you HAVE to have a “fixed base price of $5” in your gig to be allowed to have one. It’s like, Fiverr rule no.2, and a no brainer. Yeah, definitely with @kjblynx on that. Collect so as not to spam CS and report.

Just recent 2-3 days I realized many people do that. I was in searching for video creation, infographics design and something else and realized many people bold and caps “contact me for a quote before you order”… I really had trouble finding a gig that clearly stated what I will get for first $5. So I made gig request to get offers :).

Why report? Why would you care? I see lots of guys with Tip gigs for $5. Is it wrong to get tips from buyers that like your work? I don’t think so. Besides, just because a gig offers something doesn’t mean it will be of value. If I pay $5 for a web marketing plan and all I get is the same crappy PDF the seller sends to everyone else, where’s the value in that? See? It’s up to the buyer to decide what has value and what doesn’t.

I tend to agree with @fastcopywriter on issues like this. Allow the market to determine if the gig is worth it or not.

Reply to @looknofurther1 @fastcopywriter: LOL, guys, there may have been some misreading going on there. The issue isn’t that there are gigs that ‘don’t give you anything’ for $5. The issue is that there are gigs that don’t offer any service in their gig for only $5, which is mandatory on Fiverr. Instead these gigs instruct buyers to only order for $10+ or their order won’t be accepted. The problem the OP was raising is that this is not “10err”.

If you have a tip gig that has a you can tip $5 option, it’s allowed. No one disputed that.

If you have a gig that has no $5 level order (offers nothing for only $5) it’s against the TOS.

Reply to @inkpetal: I guess some people haven’t figure out how to use the gig extras or how to ask their buyers to buy multiple gigs? I don’t know. Either way, since it doesn’t affect my sales, it doesn’t concern me. I’m more bothered by the rare buyer that gives you 1 star without asking for a review or demanding a cancellation. The last guy that did it worked in corporate responsibility. He should be working in a slaughterhouse as far as I’m concerned. LOL

I agree that individuals should offer a $5 gig. I don’t think one should wait to see if there’s more value or not.

sellers who offer nothing for $5 are wasting time and do not allow fair competition. It is impossible for me to compare pricing. What is your experience with fiverr support? Do they remove the listings? If yes, how fast? I have found entire category where sellers offer nothing for basic gig.
Also this is a major US contract law violation. I got a paid invoice for $5 with service description and whether seller likes it or not he/she has to deliver.
I do not cancel those orders to keep seller and fiver liable.