Gigs that say its completed to stall for time!


You guys ran into this?? just happen to me yesterday and im furious about it said he had problems uploading the picture then hasn’t responded for a day now. And when he does respond says oh u still didnt get it ill try again and that was this morning. Is this how it normal works on here? Cause i differently don’t do that with my Gigs.


I have never experienced this. I would definitely be ticked off. All of my sellers have communicated with me quite consistently.


Sounds frustrating. Maybe this person really is having problems. You may consider telling him to take his time, that way he won’t feel rushed and will give you a better product.


If you believe he’s stalling for time, you can always rejects it. Also, report what happened to Customer Support. They can help I’m sure ^#(^


Yea if the guy would talk to me and say hey i need more time id be cool with it but the fact that he says fiverr is having a hard time with uploads right now for the past 2 days and my uploads have been fine, that’s what gets me! you think i should talk to customer support?


Last time I checked, Fiverr wasn’t offering any life or death services. Sellers get busy, sick, unexpected setbacks and delays just like the rest of us. RELAX! Give them some flexibility. Some of these folks are doing extraordinary work for $5.00. No hurry. No worry. If they miss the deadline, give them the benefit of doubt/uncertainty. Contact the seller, or simply cancel the order, and use your credit elsewhere. No need for all the negative reviews. I just read that a lot of these folks are using Fiverr revenue to buy food and shelter, and you’re worried that your “happy birthday video” or whatever wasn’t delivered on time? Come on…


Reply to @redcup1: exactly!


I DISAGREE - I am having trouble yesterday and today uploading anything and my CSS is not loading, making the site look horrible and hard to navigate. Think Fiverr is experiencing some issues.


Reply to @redcup1: no negative reviews have gone out cause i know how hard it is to do some of this stuff im just saying that the professional thing to do is be honest and talk to the customer. i cant have a business where i am day late and never say anything other than hey upload not working and silence for days. can you?


15days for logo then waiting 5 more days and counting? some form of communication is fair no?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: U know that is true i should cut them some slack


I would say communication is something that should always happen. If there is the possibility that I will deliver late I always talk to my buyers first to make sure that they are happy with that. Should I end up being late, I keep my buyers updated with my progress so they know I am working on it. If the seller hasn’t spoken to you in five days, try communicating. You have the option to reject the delivery and talk it through with the buyer or customer service if you are getting nowhere.

Yes, there are problems with technology - I’ve had issues with uploading at times - but communication is essential. Has the seller talked to CS about the problems? Tried different browsers? etc.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Exactly what is happening to me at the moment. Fiverr Support is trying to resolve the issue. Everything worked last night now no CSS loading and cannot upload files. So, hard to deliver work. However, with that said - I am communicating with my buyers AND uploading to another image repository for download until it is resolved.