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Gigs that start without the proper gig requirements & without communication

What if a buyer submits the wrong information (i.e. didn’t read the gig requirements, or doesn’t understand English, or types in something like “@$@24#@%@#@#$SFDFSDIRE(*09)4rs” in the gig requirements, so the gig starts, and you try to message them, but despite showing they’ve been online, they never answer?

I had this happen to me and I didn’t know what to do so I just tried my best to finish the gig and deliver it in fear of penalty from Fiverr, but now I’m wondering if this buyer will leave a bad review because the result is not what he/she was expecting.

What can a buyer do when this happens? Thoughts?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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No need to worry, it appears that the buyers are not able to fill out the requirements as of now, at least on my gigs.

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Oh well the requirement were filled out, they were just incorrect. Like they didn’t read what it said lol.

This started right after the maintenance tonight.

Must be something new. This gig I’m referring to started days ago.

Come to mention it though, I also have a current gig with no info, that must be why haha. Now I have two issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi semperaye,

go to the order page, on the top right click on “Visit the Resolution Center”. There you have an option “I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer”.

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