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Gigs Unranked Since 2 Months

Hi everyone, it’s been 2 months since my gigs are unranked while in this period of time I have got few orders from my old clients but still there is no progress anyone who could suggest me something to restore my gigs ranking my order completion rate, average response time, is 100% while the rating is 4.9.


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Yes, I keep my account online but I am not able to understand that why this is happening with all the good stats and low competition SEO optimized gigs.

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Bad luck bro… this problem also i can face…
:cry::cry: my Gig have first page but i haven’t any order… :sob:


I thinking this is due to Fiverr’s algorithm which rotates gigs in the search results my gigs were ranking on more than one keywords and was getting 8K to 10K weekly impression while the click-through rate was also good but I don’t know what made my gigs unranked I am still trying to discover a solution for this problem.

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