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Gig's video has bad audio quality?

I just check my gig video sound I found it’s fine I think there is another problem.

Yes i agree, it is very compressed but it was already the case before. I think they just used a different compression method if you ask me. I just downloaded a mp4 video of my portfolio which was already uploaded in 2017. the video is 1 minute and only 1.5 mb. So i checked out what the audio bit rate was for my video. And it is even worse then i imagined but it explains it all. The audio quality was only 64kb/s which is ridiculous. I think the biggest problem which we are facing here as audio sellers is that the team behind fiverr has no knowledge of audio. They just sell it and don’t hear the difference that much as they have no clue how to asses it. I guess they don’t see the importance of this and that it will cost them allot more money in keeping it like this. hopefully someone can change their mind someday soon. Or maybe hire some webdesign guys here on fiverr to build a fiverr remake with good quality sound haha.

Figured it was worth taking another stab at this.
Here’s how the issue stands as of 05.05.2020 based on an ongoing conversation with CS:

Dear Fiverr support,

Following up on a ticket of mine from late 2019, I would like to express my continued disappointment of the way in which both the customer support team and the technicians from production have failed to address the issue of low audio quality for newly uploaded gig videos and portfolio items.

The issue has been raised several times by sellers of the Fiverr community in numerous topics throughout the Fiverr forum:
Gig's video has bad audio quality?
Gig Audio quality is bad
Audio quality in portfolio sucks
Please Fiverr Listen – The Audio Quality Needs to Change!
They were met with vague replies from customer support representatives, and empty promises of the issue being forwarded to the relevant technicians.

Please note that as of the time of writing of this ticket, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no definite answer to the question of whether this issue will be fixed, nor is there evidence-based information as to how to resolve it.

The quality of uploaded audio samples after they have been approved and compressed by Fiverr is unacceptable for anyone offering or looking to receive a professional end product. It is affecting sellers’ ability to successfully market their content to potential buyers, and I would imagine is ultimately lowering Fiverr’s bottom line.

Walking away from an otherwise well-organised and soundly-functioning platform because of the negligence with which the above issue has been handled thus far would be most unfortunate. That being said, it is a step I, and surely other professionals, would gladly accept over the alternative of their quality of work being misrepresented.

As always, your input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,
Sycamore Rockwell

Skipping to the good part.

Hi Sycamore.

I just heard back from our team, and I got a confirmation they are working on a solution to update the audio quality.

Please know that the audio file you uploaded in your currently paused Gig was reviewed and updated a bit.

Can you please check out the audio and let me know if it sounds better?

Hi ***,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, “working on a solution to update the audio quality” does not answer either of the questions posed at the beginning of this thread. Namely, when will this platform-wide problem that has been reported several times over since the middle of 2019 by various sellers be publicly addressed and/or resolved by Fiverr, and are there ways in which said sellers can improve the situation by making changes on their end (e.g. different export formats / bit rate of files and/or other technical specifications)?

Furthermore, would it be possible for you to please share the reasoning behind the (unnecessary?) review and update of the audio on a paused gig with no video to it, given that this ticket specifically draws attention to the issue of low audio quality for newly uploaded gig videos, such as the two active gigs on my profile, which have been recently updated?

Your input on the above would be highly appreciated, because right now (even if there was a noticeable change in quality after your update of the paused gig’s audio, which there isn’t), it looks as if sellers are being told “There you go, buddy, that scrape on your knee is all patched up!” while their major head trauma is slowly sending them into a coma.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

All the best,

Whenever I get fired up about a topic it usually comes back to bite me. Most often it’s in the form of something I’ve failed to notice. I sincerely hope this is one of those times. I’d rather take the ego hit and get slapped in the face with a solution I’ve been missing than continue displaying samples mangled beyond recognition.

I have adressed this issue with the CS team several times, but nothing has changed so far. I’m 99% sure that this is an issue because Fiverr wants to save on storage and bandwidth usage. Very sad.

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