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Gigs Views back! - Sells Back?

Hi Guys!

So, this was my first post here

I’ve found lot of seller with same problem. (Sells stops suddenly several month ago) , we don’t know if Fiverr bug was a cause but many persons still may have the problem.
Of course gig’s views issue now has solved!! But my question for you guys is:

  • Are you selling now like you did before?
  • Please share your experience to understand what is happening now (after Gigs views have been resolved)!

let me start first! The views came back but after 2 months a single person has contacted me, I have only one sale. I am in the search lists but I go far from the first ones. There are many new and inexperienced users who come first on search results. There is a low price war !!


yup its back and thats why i am happy

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I’m happy to hear that!! Keep in touch

I have same problem.

In particular, I am as if I was starting, I have been falling from TOP RESELLER to not having any level, it is total madness (of course in my country there are external factors that maybe Fiverr does not understand) but of what use, I hope to return to the time once where sales were constant, and the system did not benefit new sellers, but sellers with quality work.


Hey @bjbravo did you receive new customers? Are you shown on list?

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Hi , You have not received new clients? Are your Gig Views high?

I have got pretty good results after doing changes to my gigs after analytics were back

Also I am getting regular inquiries


actually i don’t know because unfortunately fiverr don’t show gig view.

That’s great bro!
Could you share with us what were those changes you made??

Yes, not much, I just tweaked the description to add the keywords where they were necessary and increased the prices.

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increase the prices ? usually the “trick” its make it down

not any new customers, just working with old returning ones

Yes, I know but one day, I got 3 orders in queue and after that I thought of doing an experiment to increase the prices as I couldn’t handle more customers, so I increased my standard and premium prices and to my surprise, my gigs started ranking higher

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works the same for me in the gold days, actually need to re start again, from down to up

I was also shocked to see this kind of response

Here, you can see gigs impressions, they are getting better day by day which is a bit confusing as I’ve never experienced it before


So, basic prices are the same , you increase “Standard & Premium”, and the other thing may be that you increase one Gig who has been succesful in that moment!!

Let me try something like that


Hey , they solved that! Try to refresh your browser, or re loging again on Fiverr

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