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Gig's visibility

i have 5 gigs. but , when i log out and check my one gig, i find 3 gigs at “other gigs by sintheia” instead of 4 gigs. what is the problem here?

I can see your all 5 gigs.


Screenshot 2 (other gigs by)

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no. i didn’t mean on this way. i searched “flyers” using search box after logging out. then , i found my flyer gig . i visit my flyer gig . then i found 3 gigs at “other gigs by sintheia” .
i tried 2nd time by searching “billboard” and saw my gig and i didn’t saw my flyer’s gig at “other gigs by sintheia”
but, when i visit my profile using my url, i see everything okay.

I got you. When I check from top gig, I can see your 4 gigs in other gig by section , but from other gig only 3 gig displayed. May be it will show 4 gigs when you have some more gigs ? I don’t think there is anything to worry about. :wink:

how i get order if buyer doesn’t see my gig ? -_-

I check with mine, possibly need to check who have 5 gigs. I think you may need one more gig to create if you want to see 4 gigs on that section (I’m not sure) . Your other gigs are dispalyed correctly , hopefully buyer will find it if they are intrested :slight_smile:

i wanted to see 4 gigs at “other gigs by sintheia” as i have total 5 gigs.
yea. it’s not a matter of worry. thanks for your time brother. :slight_smile:

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Hello friend, kindly check your gig out, maybe mistakenly pause or delete one of the gig.

i checked many time. i already paused my gig and activate then to see everything okay or not. there is no change.

Are sure you having five gig active?

yea. you can check wp_kid’s screenshoot