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🥁 Gigs will now show review count from past 60 days

Apparently Fiverr is trying something out (or preparing to bring it to everyone) - they want to show only the past 60 days of reviews on gigs shown in search results, like this:


(you have to hover the number to see the lifetime reviews)

The default number shown on gigs will be the past 60 days number of reviews, probably to make everyone look more “even” with the PRO sellers, or who knows what conspiracy theory is behind this decision :wink:

So yeah, everyone will look like a rookie no matter their seniority on the platform.


Well, we don’t really know what they think about with all their changes, but it can be both negative and positive thing.
Positive- let’s say you got undeserved review from a coustemer, it can “vanish” after 60 days, unless your buyers will look for your negative reviews out in your profile.
Negative- let’s say you didn’t get an order in the past 60 days in one gig of yours, then it will be harder to get potential buyers that way.
Either way, if it’s just by hovering at the number of reviews, I don’t think it will matter that much.

I think we all should start a poll of what new change and feature of Fiverr will be for next month :wink:

Well, how nice for all those who do bigger and fewer orders.

I wrote a long post. Deleted it. I can’t even anymore. It’s getting curiouser and curiouser, als Alice would say. By the day.


Am I the only one who hears updates like this and starts flogging their guts out harder to box off Fiverr from their life? - Aside from the gossipy forum, of course. :slight_smile:

It’s not just Pros sucking on regular seller sale life juice who benefit from this. One of the people who stole my gig description had only been selling since December. He would therefore be considered better than me with regard to both 60-day and lifetime reviews.

Anyway, like always, don’t worry. If Fiverr is doing all the sneaky things it can to drive Pro sales, you might as well consider qualifying as a Pro a hug of death from Micha Kaufman.

I wonder though, has it still not crossed Fiverr’s mind that if they didn’t try so hard to leverage Pro, sales might just start happening naturally?

People don’t like people trying to sell them Disney Land Orlando if they can only afford Disney Land Paris. They just end up getting upset with the hard sell and having a caravan holiday in Whitby.


I’m not sure but I think this has nothing to do with Pros and is more likely to be about seller’s performance as logical consequence of so much complaint about the way Fiverr has been displaying best selling gigs.

I could be wrong, I don’t know, only time will tell.

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Exactly! It happened before in the past, it would happen again if it wasn’t for this long chain of illogical & apparently bad design/product decisions.

I guess it’s how someone said recently on the forum: Fiverr throws all these features at the wall watching what sticks and what doesn’t.


PLOT TWIST: Fiverr hires mek-sel UI/UX designers to save money.


Dare I say it: I think this change could make sense.

I’m a newer seller, so I don’t have the experience of some of the seniors who have been here for years. However, I can see the potential for this to work.

Imagine a scenario in which a seller with many lifetime reviews grows compliant and has several middling reviews because they underdeliver, relying on their lifetime average to hold them up.

Imagine a scenario in which a long-term seller recently has a flood of orders and all of them are spectacular, showcasing their ability not only to deliver, but to work under pressure.

These recent stats could be useful to a buyer, but at the same time it makes sense how they could be harmful to us. :thinking:

I don’t hate it? Let’s see what happens.


Just in case, you missed the past 6-months, those sellers get demoted.

The problem with Fiverr. The most epic, staring in everyone’s face all day long elephant in the room, is the :poop: sellers who constantly get leveraged by Fiverr over people who actually come here to sell stuff.

Go to Envato. Pay $10 - $100 for an animated logo into or explainer video template. Completely ignore Envato rules about buying a new license every time you sell the video on. Instead, flog it on Fiverr for $5 - $100 a time.

A buyer places an order. The seller doesn’t have any actual work to do. They just have to replace a logo their buyer sends them in the ready-made product they didn’t make. Wham bam, in 15-minutes they are ready to deliver.

Rise, repeat, get leverage from Fiverr for delivering quicky and in a couple of weeks, your swimming in money, 5-star reviews, and sunbathing high at the top tier of level 2.

Fiverr knows exactly what these people do, who they are, how they do business, and yet they never do anything. Instead, they constantly fudge up things and make things harder for legitimate sellers.

It’s not just video. It’s logo creation, graphic design, web design, you name it.

Then someone like your good self rocks up and says, "I think this is actually fair because some of those sellers who have been here a while might become complacent."

That’s just a tiny bit insulting. But also it is a lot like saying: "I know the house is on fire, but we really need to fix this dripping tap."

It doesn’t matter if this is to leverage PRO, give newbies a chance, or give the odd seller who just took a week of while his mum died a good bashing for slipping up. If Fiverr really wants to make its platform better, it needs to implement more than annoying changes which spit venom over good sellers morale and start addressing ACTUAL PROBLEMS.


This could benefit me since my 60-day rating is 4.9 and my lifetime rating is 4.8.

The only question is, can I ever be at 5.0? Is it mathematically possible with stats like this:

(4,387) Total reviews
All-Time Rating 4.8
(3,811)5 star
(370)4 star
(115)3 star
(53)2 star
(38) 1 star

Reviewing some of the material, I misunderstood that all-time reviews don’t affect your level, only reviews within the last 60 days.

I’m sorry that I insulted you. I was thinking of the possibilities of how a really good, motivated seller (like you!) would stand out with this system, but at the same time I understand how the way I said it could have been derogatory.

Nope, I’d just be killed quicker by the 4.7 app review bug. As for motivated. I just keep going through the Fiverr motions. There are a ton of things I could do to revitalize some gigs and create new ones. With all these attacks, though, the only thing I feel motivated to do is focus that energy as far away from Fiverr as possible.

Also, I’m sad to say it, but I know for a fact I’m not the only one following this MO

P.S. I wasn’t insulted by you or meant to insult you. I just saw a logic hole which I thought I’d try and patch. You will be a senior seller one day. You’ll understand. :wink:


Wow, oh wow…you are correct in a way…Fiverr should stop changing things that don’t need to be changed.


I don’t see that yet but I hate it already…

Incidentally, I just had a look at SEO search results and on the whole first page (48 gigs) there are two gigs with 1k+ (Woofy, you are one of them), 1 gig with over 100 reviews, 3 gigs with 10-20 reviews and all of the others have less than 5 with many having zero or one.
That means around 85% of the gigs being shown have less than 5 reviews in a category that has tens of thousands of gigs and millions of reviews combined! That’s just weird!


This will not benefit buyers … coz now they need to hover each gig to search the most experienced seller to place the order.


I noticed a similar thing when searching for copywriting.

I also noticed that a seller with tons of reviews and orders who has had the top spot for a whole, has been thrown to page 3. Now there are 3 sellers where they used to be with RISING TALENT. - No reviews but all priced at $50 to $150.

I’m also being stalked by a Pro. They seem to keep showing up as the ONLY thing found when searching for copywriting, unless I click SEARCH WHOLE MARKETPLACE - or something like that. I’m thinking about getting a restraining order.


This place (fiverr) has me really scratching my head.

The underground information I’ve been hearing about lately makes it seem so discombobulated- and it’s annoying that I have to spend all of this extra time to figure out whether or not it’s worth investing my time here.

It shouldn’t have to be like this. It’s like these little wars going on all over the place with the sellers frustrations (even top sellers) pulling out their hair for every this or that. I’m not even pointing a finger at the sellers here. I’ve witnessed it again and again… and so far, I’ve been siding with a lot of the sellers.

I’m new here (for the most part); so with a grain of salt, I think Fiverr should just test their changes out in a beta section that’s blocked off for sellers who would be interested in the “beta” programs… and Fiverr should then compensate them accordingly for helping them build up their system- to see what works and what doesn’t- before applying it to the entire system. It doesn’t have to be this complicated.and drive people nuts around here in the process.

I think I might just be babbling / ranting… and I hope no one took offense to anything I said- you shouldn’t… since I’m pretty much siding with the buyers+sellers here.

That’s if you have the old design with grid results, instead of the list design with how many results, 12? :grimacing:
I wonder what happened to the list-based results. Wait, better not wonder, forget what I just said :zipper_mouth_face:

I guess this feature right here could easily mark the ‘Enter Twilight Zone’ milestone :eyes:


Well, you’re on the first spot for me Woofy. Check out your badge :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m getting this HIRE AGAIN a lot lately. Which makes sense :slight_smile:
I’ll take that over “Be first to rate some PRO” any time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting :thinking: I don’t see it - so why would a seller get this badge? Oh, I think it’s based on your purchasing history, that’d make sense :wink:

It’s basically an indicator for regular buyers that they ordered from you :thinking: Could be useful!

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