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🥁 Gigs will now show review count from past 60 days

You know what. I went through 5 pages for SEO and your gig was on EVERY single page with the badge HIRE AGAIN :rofl:


Like a plague :rofl:


Wait, it’s not you. If I pick logo design then I see the sellers I’ve hired on every single page there as well :smiley:
Now that’s what I call marketing. HIRE AGAIN, PLEASE HIRE AGAIN, for F* sake HIRE AGAIN


If this label is an indicator for our previous clients, it could actually come to rescue - I’ve had buyers who cancelled before and reordered several times because they had forgotten they ordered from me and cancelled :roll_eyes:

This could be a big plus to avoid cancellations from repeat “cancellors” :smiley:

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I remeber complaining about this a month back…


You might be right. I did get 2 old clients this week. I haven’t spoken to them in months so… maybe this was my HIRE AGAIN notice :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Sorry for derailing this topic. I guess this Hire Again should get its own topic :slight_smile:

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I remember that too, I just assumed you were exaggerating because it was too stupid a situation for me to believe.

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Just checked and the recommended option is only showing sellers with zero or under 10 reviews in my category.

This is the recommended section. The place Fiverr should theoratically recommend the finest sellers. Looks like everything is working properly.


It fixed itself.


Indeed! For in their mind it may be “recommended to try out”, not “finest sellers” :stuck_out_tongue:


By my calculations, if you didn’t get anything less than 5 stars from now on, you would need 13,833 5-star reviews to bring your average up to 4.95, which would be rounded up to 5.

The fact that I calculated this shows that I really need to stop procrastinating lol


With 18000 5* reviews, your rating will be 4,951 (rounded figure: 5). Good luck :wink:


I would love to see Fiverr implement a moderator who actually works at Fiverr. This moderator could just come on for 2-3 hours a day, and they could poll the sellers on new features…whether they chose to listen to use or not is there choice, but if they want to help us…

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And they would also ACTUALLY RESPOND to the posts!

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This part already exists. If you look at the list of moderators, there are a number of Fiverr employees on the list. I am a moderator, but I am not staff. If I were, the words “Fiverr Staff” would appear by my moderator badge.

This would be absolutely awesome but very unlikely. The staff member that tends to work most heavily with the volunteer moderators has extremely limited time. 2-3 hours a week (not a day) would be pushing it, even to talk with the volunteer moderators, much less with the entire forum community. It’s a lovely idea, though.

This they actually do from time to time. Usually it’s when a volunteer moderator notifies them of a post that is very engaging and they decide to jump in.

I don’t know if this is even important, but when I started reading the forum in 2014, I noticed the lack of moderation. It wasn’t just a lack of staff moderation but of any kind of moderation. The forum then was absolutely littered with spam, I mean hundreds of posts advertising Voodoo by 900 numbers and fake ID’s via Skype and so on. It was so much that it was difficult to read the forum.

I was curious and I got to know some of the volunteer moderators that were technically still around and found out that they were all TRS with very busy queues and literally had no time for moderation. I suggested that perhaps a level 2 seller would be less busy and might still make a good moderator. The next thing I knew, I had become a moderator. :smiley: Those moderators have since moved on and now most of the volunteer group are busy, but not too busy to pop in and help a little.

Staff moderation and staff observation has actually increased since that time, and we do generally have ways to contact staff if a big need arises. That doesn’t mean it’s a fast response. So, I understand your ideas and I hope that it happens someday, but now you have a bit of moderation history to demonstrate that at least things are better in 2018 than they were in 2014. :slight_smile:

To bring this back on topic since I’m adding to a thread about something else, I have not heard any staff feedback at all about the review issue. I can confirm that several sellers have complained about it and staff has seen the complaints. That’s about all I know - so - :egg:


Thanks for doing the math. Do you think Fiverr rounds up or down? Will they turn a 4.951 into a 5 or leave it at 4.9?

I discussed with CS a few weeks ago about one of my ratings and they wrote me: “This was rounded up to 97%.”
So, they rounds up.


Over-all I think it’s nonsense, and a slap in the face to the people who have helped build fiverr’s success over the years. If this is the case - there should be clear cut categories, that are accurate based on performance such as “Recommended” - this category should be composed of the sellers who are tried and tested - and the sellers with the most positive reviews should appear 1st then go down the list. This way potential buyers can sort through the list and make decisions - according to easy to access - factual results. Maybe even start with the first seller, then try the next one, and so on.

There is no way someone with 5000+ positive reviews should be listed behind people with 20 or 5.

There’s also got to be a balance in the expectation that sellers market themselves - and/OR fiverr rolling out the red carpet for certain sellers… especially because sometimes that red carpet, stays rolled out for years despite the seller having horrendous reviews! I have seen it repeatedly, in my 7 years here.

I’ve had so many buyer’s complain about the way the listings are - particularly in the recommended section.

Logically and practically - WHY would a new seller with 10 positive reviews, be more highly recommended than someone with 100? Especially if they are in the same seller category?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll wait…

I market the heck out of my gigs, I am a social marketer - so that’s what I do- but to be frank, I have no faith in the algorithm in place - I feel like there’s too many other factors and experiments affecting its accuracy.

They need to balance things out- and be categorically correct. Maybe introduce new categories.


feel broken here, fiverr change day by day,

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Got it now as well… Apparently, Fiverr doesn’t care what we did over the years. They are showing now reviews from last 60 days. Why the hell Fiverr did that? I am sure that buyer wouldn’t look on “all time” reviews. They will look on what it is saying at the moment.

So my excel gig have only 8 reviews now.