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Gigs with "License" option not being marked as delivered on to-do list

I LOVE the commercial license feature available on my voice-over gigs in that it has generated a lot more revenue for me with no extra work - HOWEVER, since implementing this feature, when I deliver a gig, it STILL shows on my timeline until the buyer actually comes and approves it. Even if it’s DAYS after the delivery due date.

It registers as delivered everywhere else in the system, but not on the to-do page. And I’m talking DAYS after the fact.

The problem, of course, is that if the job isn’t closed, we don’t get paid. Plus, I’ve got 4 such jobs cluttering up my to-do list right now.

I have sent a TON of support tickets. 5 days ago, support just stopped responding. I’ve had no updates, and no resolutions, though I send them several tickets on this every day - just to illustrate that it’s an ongoing and real problem.

Totally feel ignored. As a top seller, we had been assured some kind of elevated level of support. Not feelin’ it.

Does no one else have this problem with their jobs where people choose the “commercial license” option?

I have had this problem when they selected it after the order. I am hoping because its linked to the original order that they will clear together. If not then I will drop an email to the support team