Gigs with videos vs. no videos


I think this is probably a no-brainer question but here goes: Do gigs with videos get featured more on the feature page compared to gigs without videos?

I am wondering because I am new here (only 4 days) and haven’t put a video up yet. I have yet to have anyone request my gigs. The only gigs I have been getting are the ones on the request a gig section where I click on ones I would like to do.

I want to start having people request me for my services, but I know it will take time. I think some videos will help.


I suggest you watch Mr. Cornwell’s very repetitive video on making videos. Just go to add video and you can watch it. (Come on Fiverr, lets get a few more people on the videos with a random video every time! At $5 per video you can probably splash out) :slight_smile:

We make sure that we put videos on everything we do. Not only does it make it more likely that you will be able to communicate to the buyer more easily, but it also enables you to join the Videos search which means you will have more likelihood of been spotted!

What services do you offer!?


I havent added any videos yet. I’m not sure what sort of video to add for graphic design :X

Plus I’m not very pretty, and I’m afraid I will scare people away, xD


I planning to add videos to my gigs, just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and do it! :slight_smile:


To answer your first question. Yes! gigs with videos get featured more than the ones without any. If you have a look on the homepage or even choose from a category on the right sidebar, you can clearly see that 90% of all the featured gigs have videos in them.

I have not been on Fiverr for a very long time but I can tell you from experience that when I started off recently I made 0 sales for my gig… But then I decided on uploading a video… which I did not do at first but you just have to convince yourself to do it, don’t procrastinate because then you are never going to do it! Once I did I started getting orders and its been smooth since then.

They help SELL your gigs!


Reply to @caiterz: I can do a video for you with samples of your work.


Reply to @glasslogos:

Hahaha do you have a gig for that? What a great idea ! =D lol…


Videos do help. I have some with, some without.


Videos most definitely help you become featured.



I hope videos help because most of my gigs have them.


Reply to @kim_talented: Really ? What’s the argument ? A good gig can be featured for the quality that is offered,not necessarily for a pretty video with flowers and stars .


Video explain the gig more… images are only images… :smiley:


Videos can deliver a fake message,so as images :slight_smile: I think that feedbacks can make the difference


Reply to @rodesigners:

I think that is why Kim mentioned that it "help"s you to become featured. It does not in any way guarantees your gig to be featured. In the end it comes down to the quality of the service being offered.


In my point of view, videos and images posted by the sellers describe how they see themselves…By that way, users can identify how confident they are… :slight_smile: and the reviews, comments and work samples describes how they have been seen by the others… That may be accurate as well as sometimes wrong… I think the best way to get to know is using communication… :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your great feedback. I will put up a couple videos when I can find the time. I have a full-time job besides doing this :slight_smile:


@oranjewebdesign - my gigs consist of resume/cover letter writing, script/story/poem writing, and proof reading.


@oranjewebdesign - what do you mean by “watch Mr. Cornwell’s very repetitive video on making videos”. Where can you watch this?


Reply to @englishteach7: That is fine you can still get a video made for that! Maybe try videoscribe or even spend $5 on Fiverr to get one up!


Reply to @thriving_tmc: When you go to your gigs you can press the button that says Add video. Shortly after that his cheeky smile will appear.