Im new to fiverr and i had 2 active gigs and i came back to check to see if i had made any money. And come to find out my gigs have been removed. Is thereany one can tell me why they where removed. I Did every thing by the book as far what fiverr ask for to post a gig.


No one here in the forums can tell you why your Gigs were removed. We are all sellers/users of the site just like you, and are not part of the administration that makes decisions on what Gigs stay and what ones go. The only people who can answer this question are Fiverr Support. Write to them and see what is up.



Have you sale same GIGs ? I mean your 2 GIGs doing same thing ?

if you are doing that kind of thins normally they are denied it,

contact them and try to get active it again, they are usually active it after review your gig store.


The usual reason for denied gigs is that they break the Fiverr terms of service. And recently website traffic gigs which are obviously 'bots and ‘guaranteed’ positive review writing gigs are being eliminated because they break the terms of use of other websites, which file complaints with Fiverr. If re-reading the ToS doesn’t bring you the answer, you’ll need to file a report with customer support.