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Girls & Women work at home

We ladies try to work at home for our daily pocket expensive rather going out side and work in male community where more exploitation so fiverr community must appreciate us and confidence on us. If i get order i can work while sitting at home


Get order and complete the job and enjoy the $ @marykhan172

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Hello Mary Khan. I know in some places women have to stay home and are not supposed to go out in society to work, or if they do they have problems for doing that, so I’m glad you found fiverr so you can work from home.

Hopefully the time comes when everyone is free to work outside the home if they want to as well as inside.

This is an important benefit worth mentioning about fiverr. There are groups all over the world who are not able to participate in the work force who are still able to work from home thanks to fiverr.

It comes as a surprise for some people in places where women participate outside in the work force that in some areas it’s much harder or even impossible for women to work outside the home.


Fiverr is an equal opportunity freelance site. Male sellers are no more important than female sellers, nor the other way around. Fiverr appreciates all sellers, no matter what gender they may be.


Thanks for saying what I was trying to figure out how to say.
This is an aspect of Fiverr and online work I hadn’t considered before and it’s great to hear about.


I can think of several groups who wouldn’t be able to work at all for various reasons. Fiverr does an important service for these groups. People with handicaps may not be able to find outside employment, or people who are discriminated against, such as the elderly, or some ethnic groups, at least in our country, or some unconventional types. :woman_mage:


Yeah, there was a seller who had been in an accident and became quadriplegic as a result. He posted on the forum some time back and he talked about his joy at finding Fiverr to work on after a year or so of unemployment.


Though Fiverr hasn’t made the pricing/number of delivery days section of the site (in the “edit gig” section) usable for people who need screen readers yet as far as I know.

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