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Give a newbie advice on first orders

Actually I am a video editor with 10 years of experience. I recently heard about Fiverr and decided to give it a try. But I have not had orders for a long time. It’s hard because due to the pandemic I was left without work :pensive: … Help) how can I get orders?
Maybe the problem is in my gigs? Here is a link to my gigs

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Hi buddy - just checked some of your gigs - I would suggest you to place the actual logo pictures instead of the videos. Because your videos doesn’t seem to attract the audience and convey what you sell strongly.

For certain gigs - videos perform well. And for certain type of gigs a still image does the job.

Check other sellers in your category and see which gigs got the most number of orders in queue and check their thumbnails.

Honestly speaking - your logos that you have put in the gig images are pretty good. Use it and see instead of the video.

Hope it helps.
Have a nice day !

Our niche is quite competitive, you should target specific categories of buyers in having different gigs.
People are mostly looking for youtube content throught twitch streams.
You should seperate gigs for:

-Commercial/ads video editing
-Wedding/travels video editing
-Gaming video editing youtube/twitch
-Showreel video editing etc

I don’t know what are your skills, I’m video editor, I also do a little bit of motion designing and photo editing, so I created an extra gig in which one I photo edit youtube thumbnails.
I also do intro/outro etc.
Things that you can mention in gig description, for example.

Edit, your gigs are actually good and you seem to be expert, it should be alright, just patience.