Give Away for Free!. I will write your message in creative henna art


All you have to do is to collect my gig and post a comment in the discussion area and let me know what message or sign you want me to do.

(please collect it under some relevant name :slight_smile: )

I will do this for free for a few of those who reach me first(basic service only).

I will expect you to post the feedback and the jpeg file that you receive from me, back here in comments section.

I have just created this gig and need some exposure to get it started.

Here goes my service offered:

Thank you!!!


Here goes my service offered:



Awesome gig! :slight_smile:

If you could have the message

"<3 Wolf Star Pictures" with my company logo? I have attached here.

Thank you =)


@wolfstarpicture, sure.

But you need to collect my gig first :slight_smile:





Excellent, I collected all of your gigs and left you a message :slight_smile:


Here it is, good job! Looks really cool.


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Do you need one beautiful video from your photos?, I’ll help you do it for only $ 5, I guarantee you will be satisfied with my service


Reply to @songvidoi:

Thank you!!

I will contact you if I need one :slight_smile: